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Long Day Ahead


I was happy thinking Im going to get some sleep last night, but after flipping around in bed until 4am and not getting a wink of sleep. I realized that I could be doing better things! And one of those things was catching up with some anime, since I didnt have much time recently!

First thing I watched was 5 episodes of Naruto and catching up until its realtime speed, then two episodes of Eyeshield 21, and then I started a new series called Zegapain. I was extremelly happy thinking this is probably the best start to the day. Watching multiple hours of anime before going to work, its like taking a big break. Even though I was in denial knowing that not getting any sleep was going to have a bad affect on me, but I thought it was better then getting up tired.

I got up after a while of enjoyment to take a nice shower and getting ready for work. I was even happy that I didnt have to fill the Landcruiser with gas since I did that last night. I finished up and got into the Landcruiser and I left very early for work. Thinking at least I could avoid some traffic, which was the case to a certain degree.  When I got to work, I answered some of the emails that I saw, and I was happy as things were moving a long quickly. Now that its later in the day I can feel my head getting heavier and its going to be a long day! Since I still have to go to a family futoor, and on top of that I have to go to the family dewaneya. Im going to do all that with a smile! hehehe! Insomnia, no possible better timing! And yes Im thirsty as hell! hehehe!