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Ramadan TV

I know some people dont watch the tv shows during Ramadan, and a lot of people do watch the new tv shows. There is one show which I have been watching every night thanks to Cute UAE for giving me the timing, and that is Freej. I cant recommend this show enough! I keep laughing from all the things they keep doing, and how it shows Dubai in a different light for the first time. It is extremely well done, and the stories well thought out. I really enjoy, and Um Khamaas makes me laugh so hard, and her mom is funny as hell.


The other thing that I noticed about tv during Ramadan is all the cooking oil advertisements, and the perfume advertisements. On MBC, ART, Dubai, and Alrai. There just so many cooking ads and there would be three cooking oil ads all after each other, I find that to be funny as hell.

Update: Freej is on at 12 or 12:30am (Kuwait Time) on Dubai TV.