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I know some people dont watch the tv shows during Ramadan, and a lot of people do watch the new tv shows. There is one show which I have been watching every night thanks to Cute UAE for giving me the timing, and that is Freej. I cant recommend this show enough! I keep laughing from all the things they keep doing, and how it shows Dubai in a different light for the first time. It is extremely well done, and the stories well thought out. I really enjoy, and Um Khamaas makes me laugh so hard, and her mom is funny as hell.


The other thing that I noticed about tv during Ramadan is all the cooking oil advertisements, and the perfume advertisements. On MBC, ART, Dubai, and Alrai. There just so many cooking ads and there would be three cooking oil ads all after each other, I find that to be funny as hell.

Update: Freej is on at 12 or 12:30am (Kuwait Time) on Dubai TV.

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  1. Eddy

    well i don’t find the ads funny…i swear i feel like sueing the guys who put those food commercials on in the middle of ramadan…..but thats their tactic, anything looks soo good when ur that hungry :)

  2. Eddy: I dont find the ad funny, I find it funny that they put three competing products in ads all after each other! hahaha!

  3. yeah Freej is hilarious, when i manage to understand what they’re actually saying.. guess im not used to the emaraty dialect :(

  4. I looked at the website but couldnt find a timing for the show. It comes on only on Dubai TV? WHat time?

  5. I wanna watch Freej! Lammtara is a hella talented guy!

  6. Ur right Marzouq!Freej is hilarious…this show cracks me up everytime i see it…as for the ads i hate them..

  7. extinct-dodo: yeah its the old emirate dialect! I understand quite a bit, and the rest my mom translates, but now Im pretty good! hehehe

    ZinZin: I put up the time! On Dubai TV! Watch it tonight! hehehe

    ananyah: yeah he did a great job with Freej.

    Maze: I know you mean! Freej is hilarious! The ads are annoying, but they are funny that they are all after each other!

  8. Oh my God.. finely I know the timing.. I keep mising this show madree laish?!
    even though I’ve been anticipating it for a while

    Lovely post …Thanks :)

  9. 3abeer: anytime! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! hehehe

  10. yes I start watching this yesterday.. thanks to cutee too…. it si soo funny .. can’t wait to see it again tonight..

  11. Hi..I think this is my first comment on ur blog..i couldn’t resist commenting on this particular post..lool..since it talks about MY LOVELY SHOW elfereej :)

    9ayer 7adeeth esa3a fel emarat..9araa7a..badda3..u know who is the creator?,,he is the son of “S3eed Hareb” ba6al el “Victory team” if u know him..he is really young creative boy..ba3dain “sema dbai” shteratah mennah..I really like the show..and the major reason of its success is that it was made by locals..

    About el lahja..tara hum bel3aks ..mba96eenha waaayed..ya3ne if u listened to 3eyayezna fel 7aqeeqa wel waqe3 ma btefham shay menhum..looool

    One more thing…the first show which is ba3d el fo6oor on 6:40 PM ourtime (UAE)..yan3 a3teqed 3ndkum 5:40 PM ..so..enjoy it :)

    I can’t wait to know what happened to Um Khammas!!..loool

  12. Marzouq its 12:06am oo 7a6een la5bar on Dubai TV! :P

  13. mr7ba issaaaa3

    mashallah 3alaihum, abdi3aw ib Freej.. btw its on Sama Dubai at 5:45 q8 time as well.. =)

    ..wille yabi any translations, tara ana 7a’6ra hehe

  14. Smartee: I think its a fantastic show with amazing attention to detail. And I didnt know they simplified the lajah, but its fantastic I hope it continues with its amazing story every year. The time 5:40pm is exactly futoor time!

    engineero: yeah, I cant stop watching because its so funny!

    ZinZin: It starss 12:30am, and then the rerun of the night before after the first show! Sorry I wasn sure exactly what time it was.

    junoony: mashkoora if anything strange comes along I will ask for a translation! hehehe

  15. zain sawwait.. sar lee esboo3 trying to figure out when it’s on. too late now. i’ll try to catch it tmrw inshAllah. i saw bit and pieces of a few of their episodes on their website and it was hilarious “shooo hatha?”. looking fwd to actually seeing it.

  16. MSB: Its a great show! I cant stop laughing when watching they are really funny!

    thank u thank u …
    i have only watched one ep so far and i couldnt stop laughing they are soooooooo funny
    the script is well written and the stroy was hilariuos
    i loved it.
    i had no idea whats it called or when its aired?
    now i know ;)
    good choice.

    and bout the adv… all arab adv make me want to laugh or puke. not to mention the brainwashing thats going in.. dont get me started !!
    again thanks man :)

  18. no3ik: no problem! I thought everyone knew about it, but I must have been lucky that Cute UAE told me about this! Its funny as hell, as you said the script is extremely well written!

  19. wa-boooyeh.. finally got to see it! THANkS! =)

  20. Cute UAE

    Hey Zouk-san!!!! U Can’t imagine how much you have “akhjalt tawathu3i!!!”

    Please can you post up on your entry the following information please?
    Dear FREEJ viewers or shall I say fans?!

    YES!!!! FREEJ is a story about 4 ladies that will change the way you VIEW DUBAI and the United Arab Emirates! Hope you’re enjoying Ramadhan with FREEJ and your family and friends!

    You can watch FREEJ on both DubaiTV and Sama Dubai according to the following U.A.E. timings:

    *Sama Dubai:
    First show = 6:45p.m., Repeated shows = 1:45a.m. and 11:30a.m.

    *Dubai TV:
    Repeated shows = 1:15a.m. and 3:20p.m.
    Check out http://www.dubaitv.ae for more information on the timings!

    FREEJ consists of 15 episodes, but it will run for the entire Ramadhan inshALLAH, so for those of you who think you’ve missed the fun! YOU DIDN’T!!!!! :D :D :D :D
    For more information on FREEJ check out http://www.freej.ae
    There are feedback forms for you to fill at the website. However, we’ll soon post up a questionnaire for you to fill hoping for your cooperation ;)

    Mohammad Saeed Harib has a personal journal that you can check out and you can express your comments on http://www.lammtown.com

    I apologize to those of you who can’t understand the 3iyayiz’s dialect that is used in the series, however, FYI, this is not our typical dialect, Mohammad have simplified it A LOT in order for the non-U.A.E. viewers to understand it. For those of you who are having difficulty grasping the meanings of some words, don’t worry all Arabic words share the same roots, just think of it for a second and it’ll eventually sink in, especially that he managed to capture the expressions quite well of any 3iyoooooooz!

    Thank you Marzooooooooooouk for posting this lovely entry!!! You have made my day!!! And I’m really glad that you are enjoying the show!!! Especially for an anime critics!!!

    Ramadhaaaaaaaaan KAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM ( *!!!
    Cute U.A.E.

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