Surviving the Day

After only sleeping for one hour before futoor and I managed to get to my grandmother’s house without any incident. I thought I was late, but it turns out I was the first to arrive. On the road there were a lot of maniacs, and I was hoping there would be some hidden cameras for them. I was taking my time through the whole thing. What drive me nuts the most is the men coming up real quick behind thinking Im going to move just because they are going fast, but there is a car to my right and a car in front of me, where does he want me to go. Whats worse is that idiot had his son sitting in his lap and he is driving like that. It pisses me the hell off! That is in danger his dad isnt even thinking twice! When my nephew is in the car I take the middle lane and hold a decent speed to flow with traffic and keep away from the nut cases on the road. I drive like my life depended on it, but its more then that Im driving with my nephew in the car so its worth more to me then my own. If thats how I feel then how do these idiot fathers drive like that.

Any way I made to my grandmothers house and she told me I looked like I was tired, and I said that was one hell of an understatement. I ate light on futoor because I knew I would be stationary if I ate too much. After that I was supposed to go to the dewaneya, but I reached the point of dizziness where I thought it wasnt a good idea so I headed home and found my nephew about to leave and he was saying the words which meant that he wanted me with him. So I washed my face and drank two 7-ups and I was on a complete high since my nephew wanted me and my mom felt sorry for him. We got in the car with him, and I was driving and we took him to his destination. He loves listening to music from my phone, Im just happy he has decided not to stick it in his mouth. He was happy in the car so I had no problem driving anywhere. After dropping him off, and going home I just relaxed on the couch and started reading my book. I thought that I should try to stay up as much as possible and I was surprised that I even could.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mohammed

    I have to admit that there are so many scumbags driving on the road in kuwait.Only, if there were strict rules to prevent unpleasent incidents from happening.I simply hate those people who have kids and pets in their lap while driving.

  2. mohammed: its not the matter of just strict rules, you can have normal rules. The problem is that they are not getting applied! We have had rules for a long time, but nobody enforces them. In the states they would ticket anyone carrying a child without a baby seat!

  3. Eddy

    marzouk, not to be rude or anything…. but ur talking about following basic rules???
    arent u the one who zooms on his bike at 200 km/h??

  4. 1. more assholes are being given cars everyday. its scary
    2. u got urself an amazing nephew and ur nephew is lucky to have u for an uncle.
    3. go to sleep man next time, fotoor and deewaniyahs can wait
    4. slept well? :)

  5. Eddy: When Im making that decision I take into consideration other people around me. When Im going that fast the road is 90% empty and my lane is empty. But when there is traffic around I dont do something to endanger the people around me. All Im saying is following basic rules, which are common sense, you dont put a kid on your lap or on an arm rest while your driving. I drive fast when its my own responsibility and Im not putting anyone else in danger. You can drive fast responsibly, most of these saloons can cruise at 200 without a problem, its just the rest of the people you have to worry about. And I dont mind your question at all! Your not being rude, just asking for a clarification isnt a problem at all. I break some rules and I know it, but Im taking responsibility for it and my self.

  6. Fonzy: 1) I agree, 2) amazing nephew yes, amazing uncle we shall see, 3) i agree!, 4) got some sleep but still not enough! You know sometimes you wish you could just ignore the alarm, but you cant!

  7. Eddy

    guess ur right…but still 200 km/h on a bike!!! I was just guessing!!! id get an orgasm at that speed!! :)

  8. Eddy: the fastest I have gone on a bike is 300+ km/h .. hehehe! There is only one thing that came to mind.. I know what an orange peel feels like! hehehehe

  9. Eddy

    wow..u must be a the coolest uncle for your nephew :)

  10. Eddy: u might think that, but my family, and extended family think Im a nut case! hehehe! They do Im protective of him though! hehehe

  11. As long as u care for the people around you then you are responsible…as for kids..i love them…god bless ur nephew..take care

  12. Maze: mashkoora! My responsibility is never at the cost of entertainment! hehehe :) And Im supposed to be the naughty one in the family!


    u reminded me of something that happened to me today. it was around 3:15pm and i was driving home. this lady sticks to me flashing her lights when she can obviously see that i had no where to go cuz of other cars. i scoot to the right a bit so she can see that there r cars in front of me. bs ma etyooz. she continues flashing her lights. zain wain aroo7? arkab foog el seyayeer??

    after i passed the cars to my right, cuz she had annoyed me, i didnt bother to move out of her way. cuz of her attitude i decided, she can move if she wants to.. so she passes me, comes in front of me, and slows down to around 50kph on the HIGHWAY in the LEFT LANE. la, o ya za3am betetfanan, she drives in the middle between the left and middle lane 3ashan i dont pass her. mo tawha mesta3yeleha.. al7een she has time?

    3ady, i’m in no hurry and i wasn’t going to let her get to me. i slow down too and take it easy. so she slows down to 40kph. i smile and blow her a kiss. she suddenly took off after that. i think i got some thawab cuz i’m sure she cussed me out!

    ma7ad gal leha etghethny when i had no where to move! lo e7tarmat nafes.ha, i woulda moved the second i had a chance to. =)

  14. MSB: I totally understand how you feel. If someone is in a hurry and is courteous then I will be more then happy to move out of the way, just give me a chance, but if they are going to be rude as hell then I wont let them pass. Or basically I wont let them overtake me. That way I piss them off even more and I smile. Your kiss to her was even better!

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