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I just got my Akrapovic Exhaust System in to be fitted on Robo. Im extremely happy since its 1/3 the weight from 12 kgs to 4 kgs, and has an agressive tone to it. I called Tristar last week and they told me they are booked one week ahead. So I booked an appointment for this thursday, but with work and Ramadan I knew I didnt have much of a chance to drop my bike off. I was trying to figure out how to do it. When I called them to ask if I could borrow a trailer to bring the bike in with they told me that they have a pickup and delivery service. Which I thought was great! For 20 KD in total they will pickup your motorcycle and drop it off at your door step. Of course I was very skeptical at first since Im very sensitive to those who would be touching my bike, but it turn that this guy knew what he was doing. He was strapping down the bike correctly, but I was still watching him like a hawk. Im going to pass by after work to check on Robo, I hope they finish all the work today! I hate not having him in the garage! It feels like something is missing or something is wrong!

Overall I think Tristar is going a great job keeping their customers happy since Im one happy customer!

Sorry for the fuzzy picture but these were taken at 10:30pm last night, and I only had my cell phone. I didnt want to leave my bike alone for one minute!

This is the cool looking van which they transport the bikes in. There is another bikes inside the van before mine, but they seemed very well strapped down.


As you can see Robo all tied up and ready to go, with exhaust sitting on the floor close by.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mohammed

    Marzouq,you seem to be very attached with your bike.

  2. mohammed: extremely, I have very close relationship with my bike. And every bike I do ride, its a pact you have with him. Its a riding thing. hehe

  3. SOS

    lol! pact eh! ur crazy man! :p

  4. Hey Marzouq, Fuzz from 248am here. I recently got an offer that seems hard to refuse, but I thought I’d ask you first. Its an untouched Yamaha YZF R1, 2004 model, still at the dealership (unclaimed by owner til the owner finds a person willing to buy) for 500 KD. I’m a newbie biker and am hoping to take lessons. Think I should get it? or just let it slide?

  5. robo. hope u come back better than ever… sniff sniff :P seriously man, i admire the way u love ur bike. Its like me and my car and CDs.

  6. Sos: Its more like a pact with the devil and us two involved in it! hehehe!

    FUZZ: R u talking about a Yamaha R1 for 500KD? 500? There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG! if its going for 500! If its too good to be true, then it probably is. I really wouldnt recommend your first bike to be a 1000cc motorcycle, but they are not forgiving, if you dont know what your doing a mistake on a powerful bike could be costly! Seriously! And for 500, I think something shady is going on! I know of dealerships that would mark it down for 20-30% less, but not 90% down!

    Fonzy: Man I love my bike, and cant help it! hehehe! Im happy to say that he sounds good and healthy!

  7. Mark: they did a nice job with the clutch switch! Very nice!

  8. Its owned by a guy who just wants to get rid of it in any method besides setting it on fire. and yeah it does seem way too powerful.

  9. FUZZ: it just seems very wrong. I wouldnt recommend. Whats this guys number? PM me his number and I will contact him about his bike to see if its ok.

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