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Bike of the Year 2006


Over the years most manufacturers have phased out the 750cc motorcycles since jumps in technology have made the 600 formidable motorcycles and the 1000cc motorcycles demon on the road. Except for Suzuki, they kept this 750cc piece even though they were extremely succesful with their 1000cc and 600cc motorcycles. And this year they made the perfect motorcycle if it could be ever said of one motorcycle then this would be it. It has the power of 1000cc motorcycles, and it handles like a 600cc motorcycle. Its good around town and fierce piece of machinary and ingenuity on the track. It has enough power that you dont need to keep in the high revs to enjoy it, and turns lighter then the 1000cc, and it has amazing grip and you get great feedback, with brakes able to stop on a dime. With a silky smooth gear, enough power beween your legs to make you loose your breath and the chassis with the perfect balance. Such an amazing bike and the Suzuki dealer in Kuwait wont bring it in because they think they wont sell any of them.

Link: Suzuki