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Cute U.A.E  

Hey Zouk-san!!!! U Can’t imagine how much you have “akhjalt tawathu3i!!!”

Dear FREEJ viewers or shall I say fans?!

YES!!!! FREEJ is a story about 4 ladies that will change the way you VIEW DUBAI and the United Arab Emirates! Hope you’re enjoying Ramadhan with FREEJ and your family and friends!

You can watch FREEJ on both DubaiTV and Sama Dubai according to the following U.A.E. timings:

*Sama Dubai:
First show = 6:45p.m., Repeated shows = 1:45a.m. and 11:30a.m.

*Dubai TV:
Repeated shows = 1:15a.m. and 3:20p.m.
Check out for more information on the timings!

FREEJ consists of 15 episodes, but it will run for the entire Ramadhan inshALLAH, so for those of you who think you’ve missed the fun! YOU DIDN’T!!!!! :D :D :D :D
For more information on FREEJ check out
There are feedback forms for you to fill at the website. However, we’ll soon post up a questionnaire for you to fill hoping for your cooperation ;)

Mohammad Saeed Harib has a personal journal that you can check out and you can express your comments on

I apologize to those of you who can’t understand the 3iyayiz’s dialect that is used in the series, however, FYI, this is not our typical dialect, Mohammad have simplified it A LOT in order for the non-U.A.E. viewers to understand it. For those of you who are having difficulty grasping the meanings of some words, don’t worry all Arabic words share the same roots, just think of it for a second and it’ll eventually sink in, especially that he managed to capture the expressions quite well of any 3iyoooooooz!

Thank you Marzooooooooooouk for posting this lovely entry!!! You have made my day!!! And I’m really glad that you are enjoying the show!!! Especially for an anime critics!!!

Cute U.A.E.

Again thanks Cute UAE for all the information! This is a great show! Why did they only make 15 episodes! They should make more! Its hilarious! Um-Khamaas kills me, and Um Sa3eed is hilarious! “Jahanam yaakhithkum!” hahahahaha!  Do you know the people that did this? Seems like you do! hehe! Its great, my hat goes off to them!