Quick Stop

I had a lot of work yesterday and just going through it wasnt too bad. I knew I was going to have a long week so Im just getting ready for it. Aside from that my day yesterday was pretty eventful, and I had a pretty funny conversation.

My barber calls me up, and I was surprised he was calling me early the morning. He’s a great guy, and funny as hell too. Then he tells me that I need a shave and a hair cut. I haven’t seen the guy for at least two weeks. I started laughing I asked him why he thinks that, he told me one my friends said that my beard is too ridiculous and needs to be shaved off, and he was leaving for a couple of days. And I thought it would be perfect to go to the barber since Im always relaxed over there. He gave me a 4:10pm appointment and I thought it would give me the perfect amount of time to head home and get on Robo to go to the barber. I have to say that Salmiya was empty, and it was the first time that I rode during the day and I could feel a cool breeze! It was fantastic! I didnt see one police man on the road and I was riding down the gulf road for a bit. I got Robo back, and I will posting about Tristar’s great service and the Exhaust sounds amazing and I will be posting about that too, Im extremely happy with it.


When I got there I saw my cousin and we started talking and laughing. He didn’t know that I am insane about bikes and that I ride a lot. He just saw a person in full gear walk up to him while he was getting a shave. After that it was my turn, and I shaved my head, shaved the beard and adjusted the goatee. It felt freaking amazing! I just felt so clean, and the ride back was just as great. The rodes to and from Salmiya were empty it was fantastic. I saw a few more cars as I was getting close to home, but it was nothing compared to normal traffic.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mohammed

    Marzouq,you are too lazy to shave on ur own and have to go to a barber.The guy called for a haircut.Amazing

  2. mohammed: this is kuwait, you can do that sort of thing, and not a lot of people shave at home, and my beard doesnt come out the next day. So I can be lazy. If you dont mind spending a few kd, and relaxing then thats your choice. I tend to like that.

  3. man your bike looks like a freak of nature. really cool..

  4. Eddy

    lol…. thats a first for me..barber calling u and telling u. that u need a haircut….and mark does have a point ur bike looks kind of freakish. it looks like it could be used in the new transformer’s movie :)…by the way what model is it?

  5. Mark: thanks! hehehe! I aim to please!

    Eddy: I agree, thats why his name is Robo! hehehe! He’s a BMW K1200R.

  6. Shawn


    Read a few of your blog comments about having a shaved head.

    What is it like to get and have your head totally shaved bald with a razor. Would like to do a headshave in the coming months of the new year, 2007. Drop me a note, thanks.

    Shawn Hanson
    [email protected]

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