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Review: Nokia E60



  • Long Batter Life (3 full days with normal use)
  • Bright Screen, large and very detailed
  • Very Quick to any application
  • Buttons very easy to see in the dark
  • Can use the phone as a flash light because its so bright
  • Very quick to load applications
  • Very good web browser
  • Can change the screen orientation from vertical to horizontal
  • Lots of applications
  • Good sounding speaker
  • Very large buttons and a good joystick
  • No Camera
  • WIFI
  • Keypad Lights up in the Dark. (Light Sensitive)

This is an extremely good phone and it does what its supposed to do down to the dot. Its a business oriented phone which still has multimedia capability. It does not have a camera and that is something some people can not live without. This phone is perfect for the purpose it is built for, it has lots of applications. Loads everything extremely quickly. Very stable and relativly light for its size, it looks deceptivly heavy until you hold it. It has a solid build and a very simple external slot to put the miniSD. I think its a fantastic phone, but sometimes I need a camera. But overall I recommend this the most from the Nokia E series.

Price: 95 KD

Rating: r4.51.bmp