Robo Upgrade V2.1

I think Robo looks good, and his engine his amazingly smooth. But I thought that he was too quiet! He has bite, but no bark. And this is the bark that I think he needed. An Akrapovic full exhaust system. It costs around 600 KD for this full exhaust system, but you could get the slip-on for 200 KD for the sound without the performance. Akrapovic is one of the higher end exhaust system that you can get on the market, and they just came out with the new Evolution line and I thought it fits with Robo’s attitude so I went for it after looking around at whats available. Usually manufacturers aim for the Japanese and some Italian, but not everyone makes exhausts for BMWs. Cant wait!






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  1. Eddy

    okay u seriously have to consider startibg ur M.M.E.M.M show on KTV. :)

    so whats the differnece between the old exhaust u have, and new one from Akraprovic?

  2. i like how the silver exhaust looks … can u get the other one in silver?

  3. Eddy: The M.M.E.M.M. show would be really cool and require a lot of bike testing! The OEM exhaust is made to pass smog European Smog Test, so its usually a lot heavier and queiter to meet the regulations. The Akrapovic is more performance oriented, that is why it is signaficantly lighter, and has an increase of 4-7 horsepower. I wont know without getting it on a dyno, but for a motorcycle that is a lot!

    Laialy: I wanted it in Carbon Fiber so that its cooler, the silver burnt my foot and hands a couple of times! U’d think I would learn!

    Cyber: If you hear the growl, I dont think a woman can growl like that! hehehehehe!

  4. Dude,

    I can’t wait to get back home to buy my first Bike…. you’re killing me with your posts

  5. Hitman1: Get something you will enjoy working on! hehehe!

  6. i get it :)
    bss it looks so much cooler i mean just be careful ;)

  7. Laialy: la 7amdilla as off right now everyone who sees it thinks it looks great with the bike! hehehe! And it runs much cooler now then before!

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