Got Robo Back



They took Robo at night with the new exhaust system, ready to be fitted. I was getting axnious at night wondering what the guy did with Robo, where is he parked. Is it a clean area? Whats happening? Is it secure? I dont know! But I really woke up next morning called the Tristar Garage because I knew what time the mechanics come in. I wasnt going to nag them too much, but I was only checking at 8 am who was going to work on Robo. I know all the mechanics there personally. I have modified Robo so much! I love the way he looks, Robo looks agressive ready to transform into a 10 foot autobot.

Then I got a call at 12pm noon that everything went smoothly and the exhaust upgrade looks great and sounds great! I couldnt have made a better choice. Im lucky that my work is in Shuweikh. I managed to finish up early and head over to the garage! And all it cost me for the install of the exhaust plus the pick up and delivery was 23 KD! I couldnt believe it was so cheap! These guys do an amazing job and they are reasonable! Now thats great service! A+ service in my opinion, I know there prices might be over MSRP for the bikes, but its worth it with this kind of good service! And it seems that I am not the only happy customer a lot of people that I talk to who have had experience with them is really happy with everything!

After getting my bike home, I got in some old jeans and t-shirt, and gave him a thurough wash. It was great! After looking at the end result I went upstairs took a shower and relaxed!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Stallion: Oh I went for a ride the next day after work, before futoor for an hour and a bit! Unwinding after work on a bike is the best thing!

  2. atsal

    What a waste of resources for a worldly desire? So much anxiety and time given to a bike doesn’t really make sense at all.

  3. atsal: well to each his own, if you have something your passionate about then fine. If you cant enjoy something then it doesnt mean others cant enjoy it either. If you feel that your scope is limited to certain things and you can only knock at people’s passions then I think you need to open to new experiences. If you have other worldly desires or non-worldly desires then good for you and I hope you enjoy them.

  4. atsal .. There is nothing as relaxing (and fun) than a fast car/bike and a long open road.

  5. K: done worry about atsal, it same guy as moe but just changed his name. This guy has issues, he seems to want to live in another world.. hehehe..

  6. SOS

    im starting to envy you man! :P your bike is getting better all the time . btw any increase in the pick-up?

  7. Eddy

    did u give robo a goodnight kiss?

  8. SOS: After the exhaust its a bit more peppy then before, feels like its got more guts and the top end kicks in! It feels better!

    Eddy: If I could I would tuck him in!

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