Funniest Egyptian

I couldnt stop laughing at how this guy was trying to say stuff! You have to watch it!

Link: YouTube

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hilarious, I loved it when he said, thats the boy in 60 seconds, I see beeble die.

  2. lol
    bas marzouq,
    gimt a5af 3alaik 9ara7a
    tara mark posted it only a few weeks ago

    its either that i have an amazing memory (gool mashalah) or urs suck (allah yashfeek)

    but nonetheless, i enjoyed watching it again
    20 something years in the states, and he still speaks english like any other egyptian in egypt!

  3. Don Veto: hehehe

    Cyber: So many beobles!

    Yazeed: hahahaha! U always got me! hahaha! I didnt see it, I just saw in an email! hehe

  4. i laughed my ass off. he didnt know any of the actors’ names. best pick was him running after nicholson!

  5. Any film starring Jack Nicholson will always deserve a look at and his new movie, The Departed, is no exception. Even at 69 years old, Nicholson is the most interesting character in this film. I definately recommend this flick.

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