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Marks Day

Well as it has been mentioned in Mark‘s post he didnt have the best of days. He crashed today, but it wasnt that bad. He got a bit banged up but he was in one piece and the gear did its job to a good degree. I know Mark now wants more gear, and I cant blame him. Im also extremely impressed with Tristar they knew about the accident when I called. It seemed somebody told them, and we told them where the bike was parked and we let them take care of that. The bike had very light damage, a broken peg and the tank was scratched but over all its in good shape. I wanted to make sure Mark was ok, and Im happy that he could still move fine. We got him to the hospital after stopping at home and I could tell he was feeling the pain and he wasnt saying anything. I have in his shoes before so I know how he feels, and you want to get back on the bike. This only goes to make him a better rider, I wished that it didnt happen, but at least it happened in an open area and very few cars.

I will be waiting for you to get back on the bike, other then that I will be getting you a lot of biking videos! hehehe