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Ride Out


So its a thursday and work was ending early. So I was thinking that I might go for a short ride. Then chatting with Mark he seemed to want to go out too, and I understood that it would be his first time out. So I thought it would be no better time then this time, we met up at 4pm and headed out from there.

We met up in Salmiya since I didnt want him getting on any highway or major road so that he can get there comfortably. So Mark came and parked while I was taking a quick picture.


So then I thought there was no time better then now to get some miles under his belt, and to get him used to the traffic and riding between cars. I just gave him a couple of pointers and then we headed off to get on the Gulf Road. Got to the light taking easy and Im just watching Mark out of my rear view mirror. He seemed pretty comfortable riding, and we were going along fine, but there was a good amount of cars on the road. I noticed Mark holding towards the back so that he wouldnt be to close I was worried because he wanst keeping up with me in the beginning so I was slowing down, but we were stuck between traffic. As long as we were moving along I was happy just getting him comfortable riding between cars, and that is the most freaky feeling in the beginning you have no metal cage around you. There is nothing between you and the car next to you. So I can understand how he feels, and this was on the Gulf Road so its no joke, but good experience.

We started riding down the Gulf Road with quite a good amount of cars around us. We riding down from light to light. And from light to light we would talk for a  bit so that I could just give him some pointers but throughout the ride I saw Mark getting better and better. We had a couple of annoying cars who were getting to close and I would lean on them so that they wouldnt get too close. One I remember when riding, just ride faster then most cars to avoid them, and slow enough that your comfortable. We also passed by a couple of unsafe riders but we just passed them and kept on going. Then kept on going until we passed Souq Sharq, and we got close to the KNPC building and so we parked there to take a break, and take some pics. It was a nice ride, but we ran into an annoying porsche that wouldnt back off and an annoying but then he passed. We had one car that was annoying as hell which was an old Crown Victoria and he was on Marks ass and pissing me the hell off. And there was no where to go, so then when Mark moved over and they were behind me I slowed down because of traffic so he started honking and I came to a snail’s pace wanting to beat the crap out of them. They were annoying as hell, and you could tell they dont give a damn. He honked and I moved over to Marks lane and to catch up with him. We were moving along fine and I could tell Mark was riding a lot better then when we started off with. It was a lot of fun, and then towards the end at light inside Salmiya we passed cars while they were stopped at red light to get to the front and that is freaky the first time doing it, but it seemed natural to Mark. After I knew he was close to home, I took off and got on the Fourth Ring Road to get on Fahaheel Highway. I was flying down the road, and I got home showered and feeling tired, but it was a nice feeling. For a first time out I think it was great.

Pics Below