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This is just one of things that ties to Alienware Computers is the slick look, and the quality that I have gotten out their computers. I have had three alienware PCs, and now Im getting a laptop from them. Fully loaded to satisfy my needs, and long term usage. Aside from that! I have this Alienware Cube that I got two years and 10 months ago now and it is still running amazingly! I have all my apps on it, and I use for gaming like Battlefield 2, Hitman: Blood, City of Villains, and I even tried WOW on it. Its been great, since I had my little dilema with my other PC I have gone back to using this one. And I have to say that I am extremely happy! I have had it on for 24 days and its still operating as if I just switch it one with a total of 68 tabs and 3 windows in FireFox plus downloading 10 Gigs a week on Torrent to catch up with the stuff that I lost! I forgot how good this computer was! I have to say that I am happy Im getting the new laptop! I cant wait to get it! I know some people dont like Alienware but every PC I have had from them I have been happy! And I love the Respawn kit, which is a DVD image of your HD when you first get it, so if you really have a lot of problems after a while and want to reinstall all you have to do is insert the DVD and it will over write the hard drive, and its as if you just unboxed it! Pretty simple and nothing much to it.
Specs of the Alienware Cube:

  • Pentium 4 3.4 Ghz
  • 1 GB Ram
  • GEForce 6800 GT 128 MB
  • 500 GB HD
  • DVD-RW 2x


Link: Alienware

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  1. Eddy

    it was made by aliens…

  2. Eddy: thats what I thought at first! hehehe

  3. My lil brother loves Alienware….he says that they are especially good for games because they use the highest specs possible (that’s his word, not mine)….

    I personally don’t know how seriously they would take me if I walked into a meeting with a Green Laptop – with a huge Alien Head on the outter case.


  4. they are the best man! then comes vooodo….but now they both have gone with majors…dell and hp respectively…

    TOxy, your lil bro is correct man…those machines alienware and vooodo are gamer’s choice…they love those machines more than their games…

  5. Alienware is cool, I always liked their style, raw power and stylish exterior. Do they deliver to Kuwait?

  6. Eddy

    marzouk, ur getting an alienware laptop?which model?
    cause ive heard that most of their laptops are game oriented…. so because if that they are heavy, big, and bulky…

  7. Toxy: yeah they are really amazing computers, they build for games and heavy usage. Whats great is that they get ride of all the unnecessary software which clogs the computer. They sell different kinds of laptops not just the green one, and I have walked fine into meetings no problems there! hehehe

    Cyber: Its true the bigboys have a piece of Alienware and Voodoo PC, but I havent seen anything really change!

    Don Veto: Im ordering it with my US credit card and having it delivered to my friends place in the states which is the same billing address.

    Eddy: they have different kinds of laptops, some heavey, and some extreme light. It all depends what you want. Im going for the light ones!

  8. You are having fun using your old desktop and mine won’t even work! I thought that the problem was my video card so I got a new one! Seemed to be working fine but as soon as the PC is supposed to get into Windows the monitor goes into sleep mode! Now the monitor won’t even start up even if I take the video card out and put it back in! Both the monitor and the card are brand new!

  9. Stallion: Damn your having issues! I say rebuild your computer and get a dell screen! And your good to go! I think a new pc is needed!

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