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Lethal Daqoos


So I just finished praying after hearing the sunset prayer. Then I head over to the table where some of my family members are already seated. We are opening different dishes here and there. Then there was this one dish that wont open. So as I was picking it up with my left hand I was trying to turn the top off with my right hand because I was too impatient and there wasnt any room on the table to place it. Then it popped open and a lot of the daqoos went flying up most of it falling on my left arm (half way the distance to my elbow and to the middle of my palm). It hurt like a $%#*@#$ so I was really quiet I slowly put the dish down, and everyone was looking at me wondering what the hell happened. I went to the bathroom and poured cold cold cold cold water on my arm and that felt good, I was pouring it all over my dishdasha to wipe the daqoos off. There was streaks all over my dishdasha, but at that point it was my arm that got first contact with boiling tomato sauce. Then I went back to the table in my yellow and red dishdasha, and all I could think about was eating. I had bright red left arm! I was laughing because I was just happy I was eating! I was going to eat light, but then because of the arm I decided to stuff myself at least I should feel good for burning my arm! My brother gave me some ointment to put on my arm to help with it. One of the family friends saw my arm and he is a doctor, and put more ointment then some ice and told me its a minor first degree burn. I thought it hurt like a bitch! hehehehe! At least I stuffed myself silly and I used the daqoos thats making type with my wrist not touching the table! looooool! I still love daqoos though!