Review: Sony DSC M-2


  • Good clear pictures during daytime
  • Great video recording for a digital camera
  • Its relatively light
  • Battery lasts a good amount of time
  • Pretty simple


  • Bad low light pictures
  • Too much nose in pictures
  • Flash is useless
  • Low ISO settings make the picture fuzzy
  • Lens is for short
  • Too pricy

Overall it isnt worth the extreme price for what it was going for, Im sure if they are selling it anymore. But it does produce really good movies and during the day time its a great camera to just snap pictures, but the big picture for 5 megapixel just has too much picture noise!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. heyy marz…you dont check your blogatzdistrict email?

  2. Cyber: I do check it! sorry I forgot to answer your question I was swamped at work. I will look into it and get you a definate answer!

    Fonzy: $500.00, but I got it cheaper on Amazon a while back. Still not worth it though even for $300.00

  3. Fonzy: I still have it and its doing good. But only day time pictures!

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