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I have been hearing stories left and right for the past three weeks about customs in Kuwait. At this point I want to test the waters and see whats going to happen. I was told that it would cost 15 KD to clear even one dvd or ten dvds.

So I just recently ordered 20 dvds from amazon, and they are of a different combination. A lot is anime, some movies, and some series. Also included in that mix is some electronics, to be exact a different kind of router, not Pre-N or Draft-N, just something reliable with a high gain antenna.

Im going to post about my experience with customs or if anything does happen. As of today I just recieved one anime series box, and one hard drive which I couldnt find in Kuwait and nothing was held. So hopefully there wont be any problems. But I keep hearing otherwise.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Why do I have a feeling that nothing will happen to you when it comes to customs?! :oP

  2. lol ya stallion :P

    on another note, i am in the market for a new router, which do u recomend? i also want to create a wireless network between my laptop and my desktop to transfer files and print wirelessly, is that possible


  3. Fonzy: Thanks!

    Stallion: I know what you mean! I have a feeling they will be letting it through! hahahaha! I will keep you notified! hehehe!

    Yazeed: hehehe! I will writing a quick write up about routers soon when I get this one since I want to do some testing!

  4. Cisco products are really difficult to get out of customs these days…a friend of mine working in a reputed IT firm told me that they had big issues with ministry on frequencies used in some wireless stuff..

    i am waiting for linksys wap4400n and it is in customs :O! for the last 4 days!

  5. They’re letting DVDs through now. The day they seized my DVDs they had seized 200+ packages. I ordered stuff too but waiting for it to get here :)

  6. I wish they spent more time on money laundering, weapons and drug smuggling and less time on DVD’s….

  7. Cyber: They have issues with products that say Voip, so I know whenever they see that they keep it, but the products I ordered dont have it, so Im assuming not problems! Hopefully they will let your stuff go soon!

    Toomz: Hopefully they are letting stuff through! With not problems, o inshalla they let your stuff through soon!

    amer: I agree with you 100%!

  8. anonymous

    I’ve had two series on hold at customs for a month now–“Lost” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” I have no idea when or if they will ever get through. It’s a nightmare and I resent that other people should decide what I can or cannot watch in the privacy of my own home!! Meanwhile, they can’t figure out how to deal with a water shortage they should have known was coming years ago. Ditto the traffic, electricity, healthcare, education, etc. But let’s keep the 200 KD rolling and the hoi polloi happy.

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