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Driving for Freej


Im usually pretty chill when driving these days anywhere. When your just too tired to go flying down the road, even when its time for futoor I take my time. If the prayer is going to sound while Im on the road so be it, thats fine. But there is one thing I tend to fly back home for and thats Freej. I cant stop laughing at the damn show.

Whats great is that they air at 12:20am on Dubait TV the new episode, and then they are the previous night’s episode right after the new one. So two episodes a night, so if you missed a day you can still catch up with it. Each episode is short and sweet, I just wish it was a little longer and I know there is only 15 episodes but I didnt see it from the start so Im happy that at least I could watch a few more episodes that I may have seen.

The Ramadan episode was funny as hell when they were making fun of how people fast, and how people complain about masjids that pray taraweeh too quick or too slow! heheehe! They have hit the spot with some of these stories! hehehe! Hopefully they will be making more episodes and soon, not just for next Ramadan! Um-Khammas is my favorite! She makes me laugh the way she acts! I wish I could get the start as ring tone on my phone! I would only put it for the funny people I know!

Link: Freej