49er Win


Even with an injured list, and their main reciever out the 49ers won this game! I was freaking extactic when I saw the results! I just wish I could have watched the game! Too bad I had work! Frank Gore did an amazing job rushing, and Im hoping Alex Smith keeps improving with everygame. And Im happy we won agains the damn Raiders, they are a struggling team too, but we wouldnt hear the last of it if they won. It was a good game overall and no team dominated the game both were playing hard, but mistakes were made. I hope they Niners improve their record we are 2 -3 now, which isnt horrible really, but Im hoping for better and this time Frank Gore didnt drop any balls during this game!

Link: NFL Scheduele

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  1. Rashed Abuodeh

    Well, atleast your team won, my team (Buffalo Bills) got absolutely decimated by Chicago, 40-7. I can only say that I’m happy that I’m in England now so I don’t have to see the absolutely horrible Bills all season. It would be painful to watch the Bills all season long if I was back home in Canada. Do you keep up with football regularly? What do you think of Matt Leinhart? As for who I am, I’m a Canadian of Arab origin doing a one year University exchange in Manchester, and I fell upon your blog while looking for an album list of Rashid Al-Majid strangely enough. Feel free to write back.


  2. panthers 3-2 (3 wins in a row!)
    bring it on baltimore (undefeated)!

  3. Rashed Abuodeh: Interestingly enough I dont keep up so much with college football, but I do keep an eye on the Bruins, Trojans, and Florida because they always have good players coming out of them to play in the NFL, and Matt seems to have a lot of promise in front of him, and I think it was smart for him to delay and finish college. He will probably do amazingly with some good mentorship and direction! I know how you felt about the Bills since we got shutout badly the other week! It was killing me!

    Yazeed: We shall see how the panthers do, and baltimore have the bullseye on them!

    Harry Kane: I agree with you 100%! He always pushs hard and doesnt stop! Its fucking amazing! I just hope he doesnt get injured!

  4. So they did win huh. Well Marzouq…see you on Oct 29th. Enjoy the bashing while it lasts…

  5. Purgatory72

    I told you

  6. Sam: I dont know whats going to happen with Chicago.. that is going to be bad! Hopefully it wont be too bad, and for a fluke we could win! hehehe

    Purgatory72: I should have believed in you!

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