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Review: Kino’s Journey


Plot Summary

The traveler Kino and a sentient motorcycle by the name of Hermes are dedicated to seeing the world. Together they visit many countries and city-states of the world but always observe a near sacred rule: they will remain only three days no matter what happens or whatever they encounter. As Kino and Hermes follow their journey, they will experience and explore the many varied aspects of humanity.

This is one interesting anime, I kept seeing that people like it and it had a motorcycle. But it turned out to be deeper then that. Kino is traveling with her Motorad, which seems to be concious. Kino doesnt spend more then 3 days in any one place, its just something that she seemed to have developed. And no specific reason for traveling, but Kino is a pretty experienced traveller. This anime explores the different type of human nature and human society. At first it starts off a bit and slow and you dont trully understand everything, but towards the end you appreciate all the travel done and you get a perspective of different societies that could arise and how people could develop. Its pretty freaky at some points how people are. Overall I thought it was cool anime. But it isnt for everyone, its anime that gets you thinking and requires you to get into it to really enjoy it.