Killer NIC


If you ever wanted a heavy duty NIC for gaming and heavy duty networking. It will help speed up your gaming, and less freezing during the game. Because a lot of the cpu operations have been directly shifted to the NIC its self, thats why its called Killer NIC. The way they built this thing its as if you have a pc on your network card. If you ever build a gaming PC then this would be needed for online gaming! If Im going to build a PC any time soon, this would have to be included! hehehe!
Link: Killer NIC
Link: NIC Review

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  1. I have been thinking about getting a Killer card; I would probably program it as a firewall/router and standalone bittorrent app. Although, for that price(~300!) I could get a cheap computer to handle all of those tasks and more.

  2. K: I agree very much with your line of thought, but its a very well made NIC Computer, handles a lot of process its self. And then just looking at the components of the thing I cant blame for being so damne expensive!

  3. Don’t get me wrong .. the price is worth the product. I just can’t justify the cost. If I had limited space or needed a specific application I would have gotten it. However, right now a cheap(or old) pc just seems much more efficient. :)

  4. Nvidias nforce 5, the new motherboards with firspacket technology offers somewhat similar results…and is inbuilt doesnt call for additional slot requirements….the much hyped NPU on killernic is based on an embedded linux run…but it looks geeky..

  5. K: I agree with you on that.. if its just for torrents you better off with a cheap PC and just keep it running!

    Cyber: I know it looks geeky, but to us geeks it looks great! hehehe! I know what you mean about the new nVidia mother boards, but the purpose of this is to shift all the processes away from the board and keep things moving as fast as possible, but you right about it taking up a slot and its useless for those who wont use it for its purpose!

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