Nexus Psile Media PC


This is a cool looking PC, its really slick and very compact. Its a Core 2 Duo, 320 GB Hard Drive, DVD Burner, but it only comes on Windows Media and no the only graphics output is through the mother board. You cant even install one if you wanted. I just thought it was a cool looking case, but extremely over priced. I could just go with a shuttle case and fully configure it without half the issues of this case. $1600 starting is just rediculous, but I still think the case is cool looking, thats what caught my eye!

Link: Psile
Link: Cool Tech

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  1. Ooohhh this is an apple mac mini wannabe!!

  2. moocherx

    I don’t understand why a company would make a “media PC” that you can’t at least select a better graphics card to be installed, even if you have to do it on order for them to install for you.

  3. Laziza

    Yes i agree with you … do they have shuttle cases around here in Kuwait ?.. if so can you please direct me to where i can some.

    And Nat this is not a Mac Mini wannabe .. Mac Mini’s are very limited!!!

  4. Nat:
    Because its one color and has a insertable cd drive? If anything this is a mini-atx case .. and they have been around for much longer than the minis.

    So that you would pay extra for a better video card. It even says so on the website:
    ‘PCI Express expansion slot for video card upgrades’

    Alhtough, I agree with you .. they shouldn’t sell media pcs without the proper connections for a tv (DVI/HDMI).

    They do have shuttle cases in Kuwait; try professional computers in Hawalli 2611660.

    Sorry marzouq for hijacking your blog :)

  5. Nat: This> Mac Mini! hehehe!

    Moocherx: I dont know why they dont have that option. Its just there telling you to put one in! hehehe

    Laziza: Professional Comp as mentioned

    K: Thank you for answering all their questions! hehehehe, I was passed out for a while after work!

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