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What a Day


Today has been a very long day! As I mentioned before I knew I had to get up in the morning. I was at work around 8 am this morning thinking that I would come in early to fiinish up read a lot of paper work, and making sure things would get done and get an early start. Well thats what I was hoping for, but thats nothing close to what happened. Sometimes the best of plans just go out the window!

After a meeting that didnt go so great at 10am got done at 11am I had a billion things to do. And I think I was literally in the middle of a shitstorm! Its hard to get things done when no information is being conveyed to you! So I was going nuts, and I had a short fuse today, but I made sure to thank everyone who was doing what they were doing and more, because a lot of people werent coming through on their parts. I was going nuts. I was loosing it! It has been a long week, and I couldnt stop thinking of all the milestones, time lines, projects, emails, peoples, prices, things to do, when and where, sooooo much stuff not enough time to think! At least I would always smile to people who werent causing me any havoc, I had a co-worker who is a friend just look and say “I know” and he smiled! Then I just busted out laughing! Things were getting so crazy that I was just laughing! I was tired of being tired a couple of days ago.. now it was just operating on a different level!

I managed to leave work around 4:00pm, but the best part of it is that I have to go to work on Friday at 1pm to finish up a lot of paper work and fine tuning details required for saturday. i really have no problem with the extra work or even the late nights. I get pissed when information isnt conveyed to me, or something is missing because somebody failed to email. Emails should be utizilized more! When I left work I was just happy that I could get some rest, but then I was thinking of my MVP.

MVP stands for one thing to me Most Valuable Person, and thats my nephew. He has been sick the past couple of days, and I havent had a chance to pass by. So I went from work to his home to check on him. On the way I got a message telling me to take him back to our house. And thats what I did, I took him home with me. When he was with me in the car I was the happiest guy in the world. He always looked at me if I wasnt looking at him. So I was driving extremely protective, I would move away from hazords and idiots! But e kept making me laugh!

I like carrying him around like Im the big giant, and he would be entertained by everything I would be doing inbetween. After futoor I was playing with him for a while, but I know I need a nap, so while he is entertained Im going to take a quick nap and Im not that quick!