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Review: Crank


This is one intense movie, and it is for the kind of people that like a rush of action in a movie. I have to say that there has been movies where the story line revolves around time and the characters life on the line. But this is a totally different twist, I wasnt expecting to enjoy this movie as much as I did. Its an action packed movie, which gets your adrenaline going. I really like Jason Statham action packed movies, because he plays a bad guy so well, and he makes a good guy look like such a bad ass. The comedy in this movie is in the action that takes place with all the different scenes. It literally is just havoc after havoc with a great plotline of guy fighting a syndicate and making his own decisions based on saving his life. He has been poisoned and its slowly stopping his heart and the only way to stop it is by keeping his adrenaline up and what he does to keep his adrenaline up is the part thats fantastic. Its a pretty gory movie so I dont recommend it for those who dont like seeing blood. If you like action packed fast paced movie then this is for you, even though the ending was just not needed, they could have done better. It is extremely enjoyable.

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Rating: r3.02.bmp