Review: Jabra BT 500


I have been using this head set for almost two years now everyday when I drive and when Im on the computer and cant really pick up the phone. I use this headset, and its relatively light. I know there are smaller ones out there right now. I tried some Nokia’s and ended up returning them because I didnt like the sound quality. I even tried the Jabra JX-10 which I kept hearing good reviews, but I really didnt like it. Because i got used to the BT-500. I think the BT-500 is so good because of the gel insert that goes into your ear and a four to five day battery life with normal use. And I use it a lot since I drive a manual and while Im on the computer or in the office. I have used it so much over the years that now the battery only lasts two days at most and I got used to it lasting a long time. After two weeks of searching I found it in Khalid Bin Waleed street for 30 KD. I really recommend this headset, but I know people might like its size, but its performance and quality out weigh its size in my opinion.

Price: 30 KD
Rating: r4.51.bmp

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I used to have a Jabra they are great in terms of sound and hold but I got annoyed with the removing and putting it back on my ear.

    I am looking for one that has caller id and ability to rest on my wrist.

  2. I hate using BT headsets…donno why! LOL…there are some dudes with full arab gear(guthra & ogal) and use the headset…for onlookers its a fun show…coz you think the guy is speaking to himself..LOL

  3. nibaq: I remember you saying you want something to sit on your wrist. I think Fossil is coming out with Bluetooth watch which has caller ID! hehehe! Thats a step closer!

    Cyber: Im one of those guys! And I do get the looks! I like it because of one Im driving! And I got used to it! hehehe

  4. i know you…i know you….that day the guy speeding on 30 above 120 with guthra and ogal and speaking to himself on a land cruiser….i know you…LOL

  5. Cyber: hahaha! I dont take the 30 much.. its rare that I take it! hehehe Too much traffic! hehehe

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