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Wierdest Thing


I woke up this morning thanks to an old school bell type alarm that I have had over the past two decades. It was meant as a last course of action since the bell is so damn loud.  Usually my PC kicks in with ClockX and a couple of songs later Im up and about. But this time I woke up fromt he old school alarm, and when I looked at my computer it seemed off, then I realized that it was off. I never turn my pc off! I have two pcs connected to a KVM and an external Hard Drive to each PC and a Network Area Storage. I started looking at them while I was still in bed, in complete shock. Because all the lights were off, and I thought there must have been a shock or something, but while looking at the surge protectors on the floor they were still on and they were a few things that were still on. So the only explanation I have is that the power must have went out in the house.

So I slowly looked around at all the equipment, then I switched on the screen then I switched on my small computer and checked that everything was operating fine. And I booted up the external Hard Drives and they seemed fine, then I booted the Network Area Storage but it needs a couple of hours to resync since its a safety mechanism if it doesnt shutdown correctly and thats what it looks like. Everything seems to be working fine right now and I got all my torrents back up and downloading, but I really dont know why that happened. I was up until 4:30am watching anime and nothing happened. This requires further investigation at a later point, because I got work today on Friday to finish up something important. So I shall investigate later.