Wierdest Thing


I woke up this morning thanks to an old school bell type alarm that I have had over the past two decades. It was meant as a last course of action since the bell is so damn loud.  Usually my PC kicks in with ClockX and a couple of songs later Im up and about. But this time I woke up fromt he old school alarm, and when I looked at my computer it seemed off, then I realized that it was off. I never turn my pc off! I have two pcs connected to a KVM and an external Hard Drive to each PC and a Network Area Storage. I started looking at them while I was still in bed, in complete shock. Because all the lights were off, and I thought there must have been a shock or something, but while looking at the surge protectors on the floor they were still on and they were a few things that were still on. So the only explanation I have is that the power must have went out in the house.

So I slowly looked around at all the equipment, then I switched on the screen then I switched on my small computer and checked that everything was operating fine. And I booted up the external Hard Drives and they seemed fine, then I booted the Network Area Storage but it needs a couple of hours to resync since its a safety mechanism if it doesnt shutdown correctly and thats what it looks like. Everything seems to be working fine right now and I got all my torrents back up and downloading, but I really dont know why that happened. I was up until 4:30am watching anime and nothing happened. This requires further investigation at a later point, because I got work today on Friday to finish up something important. So I shall investigate later.

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  1. I am surprised to see that you didnt call 777! hehehe!

  2. Cyber: Their reaction time would be between 4-8 hours on a good day, and since its a friday they wouldnt come until after futoor then they would say everyone is busy. So I wont see them until Saturday morning! hehehe

  3. you never shut your pc off?!! i left it on for 2 days in a row once downloading something and i felt guilty

  4. Dunno what’s happening with this power thing…even at my home electricity is down sometimes…even can’t bare it when it goes down at 4 in the morning with no ac…

  5. its happened to a friend once.
    he was in indiana, and there was this tornado or something, and the electricity fried the motherboard of his PC, turned out it was because of some power surge during the storm.

    a similar thing happened to me when i first moved to charlotte, i left my room, closed the ceiling fan in my room, and left to school, when i came back i noticed that my pc was off. there was no power from the outlet, turns out the switch from the ceiling fan is connected to that particular outlet (in the other side of the room) :)

  6. amer: Mine would be on for a minimum of a week! No less.. some for three weeks or more if doesnt cripple itself.. after I shutdown I let the parts inside the PC cool off for a bit.

    MAZE: The A/C is what kills, but I was so tired that I wouldnt even move! I was just surprised!

  7. Yazeed: The mother board thing must have sucked! That would piss me off! That it broke and wasnt my fault but who to blame! I have done the switch thing a couple of years ago while in the states, but I figured out which outlet worked on a switch so I used the ones which were always on!

  8. I got a UPS system .. it has saved my pc about 4 times from power failure (and when the battery finishes it hibernates).

    My pc has been off a total of 68 hours in the past year.

  9. K: What kind of UPS do you have? and what is it supporting right now? Im with you about switching it off only very little!

  10. my desktop has not been switched off since august 21 (Around 11.30 pm) which is the day i came back to the US :P, lets see if it lasts untill christmas

  11. Yazeed: hahaha! Its like you want to see how long it lasts in its marathon!

  12. I have two APC Back-UPS CS 650; each one is plugged into a workstation (500+ watt power supply and a couple harddrives each). It gives me about 10 minutes battery life for each pc and also covers undervoltage/overvoltage.

  13. Laialy: it felt like it! I was trying to figure out what exactly happened and what damage was done! hehehe

    K: I wish there was something that would last a lot longer! That isnt enough if I was asleep! I dont know if it could survive with what I have! And those heavy duty UPSes are expensive as hell!

  14. I have a couple of them at work that can run your pc for days. :)

    What kind of time are you looking at .. I can see what we have.

  15. K: In reality I think I want to rebuild my room into a fully dedicated PC room with a bed on the side! hahahaha! I have seen some of the UPCs from MGE those are pretty big too! Im just out of my mind! hehehe!

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