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Infrant NV NAS


After delivery a few weeks ago I didnt have time to set it up. It wasnt a plug and play type Network Area Storage. So I was putting it together, and it was supposed to have been burned in. I got it from Eaegis and it took about two minutes to boot up. And for a while I couldnt figure out why I couldnt use it or edit any shares. Shares are folders on the Network Area Stoage. And it was already setup as X-Raid with redunancy enabled. But for some reason it wasnt working and it was telling me that one of the Hard Drives was faulty. So I decied to reset it to the factory default and restart installation from scratch. So I started the setup from the beginning with the X-Raid setup and letting the Infrant work on the reorganizing and syncing the four 400GB Seagate Hard Drives. It took about 6 hours and 40 mins for it to finish, and in the manual it said that it would take up to 8 hours. Then everything was operating perfectly, with a X-Raid setup on a 1.6TB NAS you would have 1.1TB for storage. With the redundant setup you dont have to worry about a bad hard drive. So I have started moving things to it since my last problem. After a good amount of use I will post a full review




Link: Eaegis Infrant READYNAS NV 1.6TB