This is a different section of Hilaliya dedicated to entertainment, movies, and tv. If I was checking it I wouldnt have found out that there is a new 24 movie coming out! I cant wait for that to come out. If you like movies then you should be checking this blog out. Entertainment the tip of your mouse.

Link: Kinotainment

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. amer: no prob. I told you put a huge button on hilaliya!

  2. i just posted about it and updated the links….I heard KNCC plans to put ads on kinotainment and Amer is so kind to divide the earnings to both of us..LOL

  3. I’ll buy that little private beach you had featured on your blog Cyber – the one you used while Marzouq took snapshots of you.

    Don’t deny it, it’s futile.

  4. Cyber: hahaha! Im down with splitting it! 50% me and 50% you..

    amer: dont worry about we will invite you their with the proceeds!

  5. marz…he still believes you took that shot and he feels like I am the guy who is sun bathing….you may wanna track back that post…

  6. Cyber: Im confused! hahahahaha! Maybe because its too damn early in the morning!

  7. he’s talking about that pic I posted about a guy sun bathing near hard rock…he thinks its me and you took that pic..heheheh!

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