Last Week


After I had sometime today to breath. I just made a excel sheet of how time I was working and how much I slept. The only day I managed to catch up on sleep was thursday night. Other then that I dont know how I was awake the rest of the week.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LOL hours in a day on the graph….isnt it standard man! hehehehe! you are good in making graphs, but not so good in sleeping…hahahha! marz biker…you rock buddy

  2. moocherx

    did making the graph count in your “work” hours?

  3. I was watching a hospital show recently and the doctor said something that really caight my attneiton. He said that if that patient really wasnt sleeping she’d be dead by now. I mean seriously Marzouq, without sleep someone can die. Anyway, Alla la y6ay7ik min 7ailik. But you really ought to try to delegate work shwayya.

  4. Man ur incredible…never get tired…i wouldn’t think a second of doing such a graph!

  5. Purgatory

    Lets see, on average you spend 12 hours working and sleeping, which leaves you with 12 more hours. If you figured out how you can fit 2 hours out of that in your sleep each night you will be fine, although as you age, you sleep less.

  6. This is is the most bizarre Excel idea I have ever witnessed.

  7. Cyber: Thanks cyber! hehehe! I was making the graph last night while just sitting with the laptop sitting on my lap! hehe

    moocherx: no I didnt! I did it on my own time! hehehe!

    Shahrazadq8: The thing is if you want something done right then you had better do it youserlf, because nobody will make sure it goes completely right since your ass is on the line!

    MAZE: I do what I have to do! Simple as that! hehehe! I thought of the graph because I was fed up! hehehe

    Purg: thats impossible because of the RAmadan schedule and jeyaam. Family and responsibilites. No time to just crash!

    Cuteberry: I will today!

    amer: loool! I got it last night!

  8. LoooooooooooooL
    doing some analysis i see maybe you should add a trend line :p and also find solutions to your problem :p

  9. Laialy: I agree with you, but this was around 10pm and I was only operating with only 10% of my brain instead of the usual 25%! So I couldnt even think of a trend line or any other facts that I could from this chart. I was thinking of a Gant chart but that would have been too difficult.

  10. ali

    I work 15 hrs on average and sleep 5 hours. Take that and see who works more.

  11. ali: everyday? damn! I wouldnt want to be you! hehehe!

  12. ali

    I know its a lot but somebody gotta do it and life is really really not that good as it used to be.

  13. ali: thats what I was thinking! alah ekoon ib 3oonik!

  14. ali

    forget to metion 3.5 hrs of driving of back and forth.

  15. ali: damn! Thats a lot of driving! The most for me is 2.5 hours back and forth in traffic!

  16. ali

    i am trying to bring my life back to normal because this insane working hours will drive me crazy.

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