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On My Way


On my way to work this morning there are a lot of cars dropping kids to school and less going to work since it was so damn early. At an intersection just before passing over the Malik Fahad Highway there were a lot of cars in all directions, but coming from the left side cars were almost done and it was supposed to change lights. Then suddenly a car came flying out trying to make a left before the light changes. This guy turned so hard left that his back spun to the right and he was going straight to the traffic light. I tought he was going ot hit the car with mother and kid in it, stopped at the other lane in the intersection. Im that blue squarish thing in the horrible picture that I made in paint real quick. I wanted to take a picture, but I was in shock from what I just saw. What an idiot. Then the Indian driver stepped out of the car, and a kid stepped out of the right side of the car. I called 777 and it took them a bit to answer the call, the guy sounded like he didnt feel like answering. I told the them the street intersection, and the kid was calling someone too. The driver was a complete idiot, and it didnt look like anyone was hurt since they were walking around the car fine. Now there is one stop light missing thats going to remain missing for a couple of months or maybe years. And the front right side of the car is completely screwed up. I think it was a white camery or something.