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Customs Test


Since my last delivery of items I havent had that many issues with what was going on with customs, but right now I do have one issue which was the big tes. The three guys above are my security team that get any packages delayed by customs.

  • 1 DVD Set – No Delay
  • 1 Hard Drive – No Delay
  • 1 Personel Box filled with pictures, cds, dvds, eletronics, and a jacket (This for sure I thought I would get stopped, but nothing) – No Delay
  • 1 Wireless Router – Not Held to be Delivered
  • 1 Box filled with 15 DVDs – Held at Customs.

I will see what will happen today. I just saw the update today, so I shall see what it will take to clear the DVDs, and Im willing to pay the extra 15 or 20 KD because of the amounts of DVDs. So I will keep you guys posted of what is happening.

Update – My dvds will be held for at least two days, it will take that long to clear them. And we shall see if they even manage to get them out without them taking any dvds.