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Safat Alghanim


I went to Safat Alghanim because a friend of mine told me they increased their line of TVs and there were some good deals. So I thought I would check it out. I was looking at 1080p capable plasma or lcd. I just wanted to see what they had. When I got there they had a really good selection.

Toshiba LCD 47″


Price: 1290 KD after Discount
Sony LCD Bravia 46″


Price: 1200 KD after Discount

But it sells on Amazon for 642KD, and if you get if from the most expensive online retailer its still 872KD. So you could say its overpriced, but cheaper then Sony in Kuwait. Too bad arent all the TVs arent 240V and PAL & NTSC. I would have ordered it from online a long time ago. But now there is a good selection of 1080ps at the Safat Alghanim. I do recommend the 37″ 1080 Toshiba LCD.

I was surprised when I was walking around that they now had Monster Cables, Cowoon, and Archos. They just seem to be increasing their product diversity more and more. Eureka seems to be aiming more for home appliances and Safat Alghanim seems to bring more and more electronics. Compared to online prices it is more, but its still good that they are diversifying their products. I was walking around their for a while. The one thing I dont understand is why are their arent any high quality laptops. The options are pretty limited, but they do have a very diverse amount of point and shoot cameras.