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I went to Safat Alghanim because a friend of mine told me they increased their line of TVs and there were some good deals. So I thought I would check it out. I was looking at 1080p capable plasma or lcd. I just wanted to see what they had. When I got there they had a really good selection.

Toshiba LCD 47″


Price: 1290 KD after Discount
Sony LCD Bravia 46″


Price: 1200 KD after Discount

But it sells on Amazon for 642KD, and if you get if from the most expensive online retailer its still 872KD. So you could say its overpriced, but cheaper then Sony in Kuwait. Too bad arent all the TVs arent 240V and PAL & NTSC. I would have ordered it from online a long time ago. But now there is a good selection of 1080ps at the Safat Alghanim. I do recommend the 37″ 1080 Toshiba LCD.

I was surprised when I was walking around that they now had Monster Cables, Cowoon, and Archos. They just seem to be increasing their product diversity more and more. Eureka seems to be aiming more for home appliances and Safat Alghanim seems to bring more and more electronics. Compared to online prices it is more, but its still good that they are diversifying their products. I was walking around their for a while. The one thing I dont understand is why are their arent any high quality laptops. The options are pretty limited, but they do have a very diverse amount of point and shoot cameras.

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  1. moocherx

    Do you check or too? They’re in the UK so sell TV’s to UK Spec (i.e. PAL, NTSC, in fact multi-region capable), and 110-240v auto-sensing. I still can’t believe in 2006 that products sold in the US are 110v only…. except that the pins in the plug design would be VERY dangerous with 240v.

  2. moocherx

    Toshiba 47″ LCD is 957KD (ex. VAT) on
    Sony Bravia 46″ LCD is 821KD (ex. VAT) on
    But I don’t know if they will ship to Kuwait with the ex-VAT price (VAT is 17.5%).

  3. wow
    good prices!
    alghanim are the best really ..
    ;) marzouq hanks for shopping for us :)

  4. moocherx: Thats what Im not sure about! Would they deliver direct to Kuwait so that I dont have to pay the VAT which comes out 1164 KD which is still cheaper but that doesnt include shipping. I wish the states had dual voltage and multiregion!

    no3ik: no problem! I was looking into these screens and now I shall start haggling the guys to see how low they will go.

  5. hmm interesting, andalus are the dealers for monster cables.. they must have lost it or something

  6. Mark: I know they are the dealers for Monster Cables, that what I was thinking, but the other thing that popped into my head was that they might have gotten the dealership as well. So two dealers, why wouldnt there be?

  7. moocherx

    ok… seems that because these items come from a retailer other than, those retailers decide whether they’ll ship overseas or not. In case of the 2 tv’s i mentioned, they won’e – so you’d have to pay VAT to have it delivered to a UK shipping address.
    That makes Alghanim prices seem actually quite reasonable…. for Kuwait.

  8. moocherx: then you would have to pay for shipping twice.

  9. I soooo want to get my hands on Sony Bravia. One of my friends got Samsung 40″ LCD for 820 + 60 for extending his warranty.

    There’s a new chinese brand that looks promising, they have 42″ LCDs for less than 850KD. The dealer is Al-Mashriq Electronics located @ Hawalli in front of Al-Muhallab.

  10. MacaholiQ8: watch out what you buy! Sony Bravias are really good, but go check out the Toshiba at Safat Alghanim its a better deal and its 1080p. check the specs of the ones you want. Dont just go for any Chinese brand.

  11. moocherx

    you wouldn’t have to pay the UK shipping M. Free delivery to the UK ushopweship/aramex address. But for something that big, if the price difference isn’t that big I’d get it here. You don’t know what damage might occur in a package that size.

  12. yeah alghanim are the best….not because i work for gulf bank…:P

  13. MAZE: hahahaa now thats funny! Hopefully you arent worked to death!

  14. Walla i am MARZOUQ! They squeeze every bit of energy to get their work done…and i work in retail banking with targets on my head…so u can imagine!!!

  15. MAZE: I can only imagine! I know who runs Gulfbank and ruthless is an understatement!

  16. Hmm.. That chinese brand I told you about has 5000:1 contrast ratio and 1366×768 pixel screen but I don’t know if it’s 1080p ready or not. And with five years warranty and lower than 850KD, Isn’t that good enough?

    What’s the difference between 1080p and non-1080p TVs?

  17. MacaholiQ8: 1080p tvs have extremely high resolution, and its aroud 1920×1080. Thats a huge difference and when the dvd player is also 1080p(they are pretty cheap) then it would be fantastic! The difference is about night and day from a 1080p and a non-1080p screen! U should see one to know how good it is.

  18. I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for the info. :thumbs up:

  19. Didn’t know where else to post this so here is a link of a small list I found online for the best 10 LCDs to buy, don’t know if what they have listed is worth it or not but you seem like you know alot about TVs so what do you think?

  20. MacaholiQ8: that is a list of the best selling, not neccessarily the best quality. Some of them are just good bang for your buck. These are older models, not the newer ones which have more features, all those models have newer ones coming out! hehehe

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