Airport Right Now


Im sitting in the airport lounge at this moment, and there some odd yellow, blue, and green decoration that I havent seen before. It turns out this was for the arrival of the Brazilian players and they were too lazy to take it down. I found that to be funny. My flight seems to be full, and Im ready to pass out in the plane. I just had some suhoor just enough to keep me going and getting a good nights sleep. 5 hours and 40 mins to Germany which means Im going to get a good nights sleep! I barely have enough enery to hold my head up right now.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. “I found that to be funny” yes..indeed!!..they could’ve done something better than that..loool..anyway..this is more than what they deserve ;)

  2. Smartee: hahaha! Misakeen they did us the favor of coming over !hehehe! Welll Im happy it wasnt 10-0! But our guys gave their hearts il they dropped!

  3. Moe Ali

    Wow ,such a cool airport.That looks more like somebody’s dining room.

  4. So that’s why I can’t talk to you on Gmail :r

    Hmmm Oh well I’m asking a few questions in Email, hope you get to see them soon ;P

    And Safe Trip Amigo

  5. have a good one man and safe journeys

  6. first i thought it was some ramadan decoration!
    i was like zain eyi mnhum wallah!! lol

    but after u explained it! it makes more sense to me now.

    anyways to9al bl salama yamsafir ;)

  7. Loca in Kuwait


    I hope you landed safely, and were able to sneak and keep your chair in a back position. I lived in Germany for 5 yrs, and really love the old castles, and they go all out for Halloween, I don’t know if in one day you can make it to all these things but hopefully you can watch some new movies, when I was there they had English movies. If I can just make one request, a small one not a BMW or anything, just some of the pastries and the kinder eggs, and brochen. Have lots of fun, and stay away from the Oktoberfest tents ;p

  8. Have a safe trip…take care….i wanna travel too…

  9. have a great trip man…. i hear they have the beer festival going on this time of year :D too bad its ramadan!

  10. and since u will be in the country where Robo was born, why not get her a nice lady friend to keep him company:P

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