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Frankport Landing

So I got on the plane and passed the hell out, the guy next to me was pretty nice. Also a Kuwaiti business man, I put my briefcase between us so I can make my seat as flat as possible. I have to say that Lufthansa Business class seats move in a wierd way, its like flowing from top to bottom adjusting to your controls so it takes a bit to figure out how to move it. Once we took off, I took my shoes off and put my mp3 player on and passed out until the lady woke me up for breakfast a couple of hours later. I have to say that I saw the best looking flight attendent I have ever seen, I really couldnt believe how good looking she was and how nice she was, usually I would be pissed if someone walk me up from a deep sleep, but I couldnt seem to get pissed at her she kept asking if I wanted to eat something and that I didnt eat anything from when the flight took off and if I dont like the food on the plane. I just said thank you very much, I think she was offsetting her partner who was a pissed off old lady who was serving the other side! hehehe!



When I got off the plane I was told not to be all smiley to the Immigration officer so I just said hello and gave him my passport. He scratched the top of the Visa and the top of my ID area to see if its a fake, it was pretty interesting watching him do that, and the same time it was a little nerving. Then he said “What are you doing in Germany? Where are you staying? How long are you staying?”. I wanted to laugh because of the robotic way he said it, but instead I replied in the same way “Business, Rocco Forte Frankfurt, 1.5 days” Then he looked at my picture which is 10 years old then he looks at me (note to self update picture in next passport). He stamped it and said “Enjoy your stay in Germany” then I grinned like idiot and said “Thank you”. I should have sang Da Da Daaaaa. hehehehe


I went to the baggage claim which was a good walk away and I love it that my bag was the fourth one out and I could see it coming out as I walked up to the revolving conveyer belt. I took it to the taxi area, and then I went through my bag looking for the hotel address, but I couldnt find the piece of paper. Then I remembered I printed it but I forgot to take it. So this guy came and took my bag as I was walking which surprised me and he put in the back of his Taxi (MERCEDES), I told him wait and it turns out he doesnt speak a word of English. I thought just my luck. Then I get in his cab and tell him the hotel name and he doesnt know and so he was getting pissed so I popped my laptop hoping that I could get wireless. And this guy was seriously going nuts, I told him to start the meter, and he said “Me 3 HOUR GO ROUND”. I was like holy crap calm down what the hell is this luck. So thank god I could get some wireless signal from T-Mobile and I check my email and show him the screen, then the guy takes off so hard I flew back while hold onto my laptop. I was like crap this guy is nuts. When we got on the highway I looked at my watch and it said 7am so I thought I had a little time before my meeting. it was pitch black outside, and I was thinking we were moving pretty fast which was cool and I look at his speedo and it says 175 kph, damn this guy really is nuts, but there must be a higher limit then we pass a sign and it says 100 kph! I was in shock how was he was going, and I dont even know the guy. Welcome to Germany.


I got to the hotel in one piece, which looks like an old castle from the outside, and on the inside it looks pretty damn cool. The decor is pretty cool with a modern taste and stone walls. I liked it, I checked in and I was expecting them to tell me the room wasnt ready since it was so early. And the receptionist said let me show to your room, which threw me off. And she could tell I was surpised and she said “if you specify in your booking for earl checking we will try everything to make sure we have a room for you.” Now thats service, Villa Kennedy is the place to stay while in Frankfurt. I took a shower and got ready for my meeting and then it was a long day of talking, negotiations, exchanging views, and different experiences. I have to say Germany is a lot nicer then I thought it would be, and whats surprising is that a lot of people dont speak English but they still try with facial expressions and a few hand signals to figure out what you want to do.

Did I mention that its freaking cold, and they call the airport Fraport, so I decided to call it Frankport because it feels funnier!