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Phone Performance & Network Issues


Phone Performance:

I have to say that I have been pretty impressed with the N73 since I forgot to take my charger with me, and I was using the phone extensively over the last couple of days. The last time I chared the phone was saturday night. I took it with me sunday night to Germany, and I was using it all day on sunday and monday. Then I was using it quite a bit on tuesday before the plane. The battery wasnt acting up at all, only when I landed in Kuwait and getting the car on the way home did it say low battery. So I have to say that they did a real good job with the battery that it lasted 2 and half days of very heavy usage.


Network Issues:

Previously I thought that Vodafone controls all the networks of Europe and is the most powerful, that was the case in Italy, France, and UK. But that wasnt the case in Germany, my Kuwait phone kept finding T-Mobile cell towers every where. Even in two floors under ground in a parking lot I had full service with T-Mobile which was great. The issues I was having was very wierd. I was working all day on Monday after my meetings typing and replying to emails in my room not doing much. Then suddenly I got a wave of texts people telling me why I wasnt picking up my phone. Be it from people in Germany or family or co-workers. It was very strange, it seemed that people were calling me and it would ring but it wouldnt ring on my side. I switched phones since I had my work phone and personel phone, but it was the same case and nothing changed. I could make calls and send text msgs fine so I knew MTC didnt disconnect my phone or something. But I found it really strange people telling me they called, but nothing came up on my phone, no missed calls nothing. And some people said they kept getting network busy no matter how many times they called. I really have no clue why that happened. I cant find an explanation for it, but its still stuck on my mind. Cant figure out why.