Quick Packin


My plan is to pack real quick and get ready to head off to the airport. I have had MTV since last night and its pretty interesting combination of English and German. The Germans extensively use “Za” “Sh” “Diz” “Uz” “Shin” “Sk” sounds! I find it hilarious when they are going really quick it sounds like a messed up record! I heard of spanish hip hop, but I had no clue of German Hiphop which was pretty interesting. Now to get in one of those rediculously fast taxis and see what this guy does.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Damn dude…I disappear for a few days – and now you’re suddenly in Germany!! What the…!!

    We’re missing you in the forum man, you’ve been missing out on all the fun…lol…

  2. moocherx

    are you inside the crate? your company sending you as cargo to save on the ticket price? No problem – it looks spacious enough, as boxes go.

  3. safe trip…don’t forget my request!

  4. Toxy: hahaha! I get around a lot! I’ve seen some of the things happening in the forum! Its hilarious!

    moocherx: To be exact thats a motorcycle crate! And packing job well done! hehehe! So its pretty spacious! hehehe

    Yazeed: an MV Agusta if Im not mistaken!

    Pearls: Thank you

    MAZE: looool!

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