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Fly Back

As I was leaving the hotel I was wondering how fast this taxi cab was going to go, and if this guy is a nut case like the other guy. The cool thing about German cabs is that the meter is in the rear view mirror, which makes the whole thing look clean. So I got in the cab and we got going. This guy wasnt too bad, he had a phone conversation on speaker and it was the wierdest combination of languages I have ever heard. He was speaking Hindi and German, which threw me off. The guy was cruising on the highwayat 155 kph which wasnt too bad. I really like German cabs, they get you anywhere fast! 10 mins and we are at the airport! germany1.jpg



This is just terminal one which is completely dedicated to Lufhtansa! Its pretty well organized!


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Then when you go inside its allllll Lufhtansa, I didnt have a clue which direction to go to, but I was looking at the formula 1 vehicle and wondering if I could jump into it! hehehe! Then I asked somebody for directions and went to the business class check in. I have to say that I was thirsty as hell since I woke up early in the morning. I got my bag checked in and I wandering around for a while since there were a lot of shops, and I remember the inside of the terminal not being so nice. And every where you look there is a car in some sort of competition being given away.



After a while of wandering around I went to a magazine shop to buy a couple of english magazines and I wanted to buy a bottle of water and keep with me to break my fast with. The magazine shop didnt sell water, but every type of candy available was being sold. The guy pointed me in a direction and said “VATER”, so I head in that direction and it turns out to be a full on restaurant, which had an interesting payment system. There were different cuisines and you could get what you want, and you would pay using a card they give you in the beginning. Then when you leave you pay for everything together. Not to say that I wanted to kill the bastard for sending me in that direction since I COULD SMELL EVERYTHING! and it all smelt good, and now I was hungry and thirsty. I got my bottle of water only after seeing people getting their orders, and at one point I wanted to steal this guy’s coke and miso soup!







This coke look mouth wateringly (if thats a word) good! I got thirstier and the glass looked cold! hhmmmmmm


In my head I could taste the miso soup. I love miso soup!

After that I headed towards the gate, and I put my bottle of water in the bag. I was hungry and tired after that ordeal. When I was going towards my terminal there was an immigration check point. And the guy who was looking through my passport went through the whole thing twice, and I have to passports stapled together, the old one had a couple of visas I previously needed. So he went through it then looked at the picture and then went through it again. I wasnt smiling I was just looking at my passport, and he was fiddiling around with it thinking something must be fake. I was worried that if anything peeled off I would be hand cuffed and thrown in jail! Well thats what happens when you go through US immigrations so much. He then stamped my passport after a long 5 mins, and I head to my gate where they anounced boarding of the plane.

When I was at the gate I dont think I saw any Kuwaities, none what so ever, which really surpised me. But I got on the plane and I was planning to use the internet, but no food or water got me really tired and I passed out almost the whole plane ride back. I was listening to my mp3 player while reading a couple of motorcycle magazines. Then I was waiting for it to be 5:15pm Kuwait time on the plane, because I didnt feel like figuring out the sunset time in the time zone I was in, I like it simple. So as time approaced I opened my bottle of water and drank the whole thing. Then I asked for some apple juice, and then some more water, and then some fanta. At least I wasnt thirsty any more! What was really surprising was that 70% of the plane was filled with US military. It was really odd, and at that point I didnt see any Kuwaitis. I could tell the military guys really easily from the low ranking to the high ranking. You have the old guys and the young guys, you could tell from their boots, their haircuts, and their bags, and some guys were military contractors.

So when I got to Kuwait and some of the people running to immigration to get through quickly I wasnt in any hurry what so ever. When I got there the immigration line for the foriengers were filled with a million Indians, and I could see the faces of the American guys, it was priceless. I just walked over to the GCC que which was empty and I gave the lady my passport. She was chewing gum so loud that I could hear it from a mile away. When I gave her my passport she said hello and then showed my passport picture to her friends inside the cube. There were supposed to be two in the cube, but that time there were 3 for some reason talking and laughing. Then she said “Marzouq you look so young in this picture, and now you have grown up.” I told her that its 12 years ago, and I didnt have any pictures at the time. Then she asked me for my home address all smiley and I replied that I didnt know that was required to enter Kuwait. Then she smiled and said “7amdila 3ala Salaaaamah,” I just said thank you and quickly walked away. I got my bag pretty quickly since it was the 8 th bag out.

Then I got in my car and headed home, on my way home I saw a guy on an MV Agusta with a jacket, helmet, gloves, and a back-pack. I was happy as hell that this guy was wearing full gear. And he was riding like a civilized rider, even if he was going fast or not, but at least he was smart about it. We got to the light and he was standing in front of me, and I was smiling like an idiot. I saw so many bikes in Germany, and now this rider in front of me. I knew I had to ride!