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Ride Out

After seeing that MV Agusta on the road I really felt like riding! I havent ridden in a while because of work and how crazy things were! So I needed to get on the bike! I had to go for a ride! Even if it was for 5 mins! I just needed to clear my head! It has been a long three weeks, things have been hectic everywhere! So then after sitting with the family for a bit I decided to get on the bike at 10:00pm. I got my gear on, and Im happy I broke in my boots just right. So then I started the bike, and had the burbble of mischievious intent! I smiling under my helmet. I got on my bike and headed for the seaside. I wanted to get a cool drink in this extremely humid weather so I got going.


I head over to the Palms starbucks and it was perfect, they just repaved the road, but I was worried about the humidity so I wasnt pulling any crazy turns. But the cars were flying past me to get stuck at the light! And I just slowly move to the front. I was really happy feeling the grumble from my bike, and I was happy and nothing could be better. Life was good at that moment! Then after 45 mins of riding I headed over home to get some rest before a hectic day at work!  Then I got home and parked the bike slowly taking my gear off and lying down. I wiped the helmet and the bike down since it was so humid, and everything felt right in the world just at that moment.