Day In


I know I got a lot of work tommorow, especially since tommorow is one of the few days left to work. I need to make sure everything goes smoothly, but the one thing Im looking forward to is that I dont have any formal meetings. So I can do one thing for sure! Which is go riding to work. I alreayd put my laptop in my back pack and its already charged so I dont need the power plug with me. Its going to be an interesting day for sure, but at least riding to and from work is going to be pretty nice, and Im taking the long way there both ways. Because of this Im looking forward to waking up early just to get on my bike!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LOL…Zooks, do you ever sleep man? I’ve never seen so many posts in a day…

    Are there like 8 Marzouq’s contributing to this blog? (Would explain how you post from all over the world at every hour in the day)…


  2. It’s cool to go to work on a bike!….wish i could do that! take care man

  3. Enjooooooy,, alla y7afthek :)

  4. ok I AM LOST
    are you in kuwait cause i thought u traveled

  5. Toxy: hahahaha! I just think of topics that I want to write about and what the hell is going on, so I write it up and schedule it to be posted at different times! It makes it look like I have doppleganger! hehehe

    MAZE: Its pretty fun! Quit the bank and become an engineer! hehehe! Thanks!

    Deem: mashkoora!

    Laialy: hahahaha! I did travel for 1.5 days for work and now Im back! hehehe! Im all over the place!

  6. need a bike, need a bike, need a bike, NEED A BIKE!!!!

  7. Fonzy: hehehehe! Yeah a bike is nice! Especially one your comfortable on!

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