Empty Roads

1) Empty Roads … Check

2) Enough Gas … Check

3) Mp3 player … Check

4) Smiling like an idiot while navigating traffic … Check


Stopped for a quick adjustment of the mp3 and a photo op since I was so early to work


Great to have covered parking when nobody comes to work on a thursday!

Good times.. Now Im looking forward to leaving work! hehehe! And because Im feeling this way I know Im going to try to leave early! I think everyone is gone for vacation and those who have work arent even going to work. So its going to be pretty interesting.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Laialy: pretty nice 35 Degrees, pretty nice.. its a little warm but not as bad as the summer! hehehe :)

  2. dimplez

    when ur post z about ur bike even ur tone changes!!…its like talking about ur soul mate…sij enak hard core biker:))
    fyi i’m a motorbikophobic…bass u kinda made it easer for me now to not freak out when seeing one !!! who knows i might try it sometimes min kethir ma eta’3azal ebhal bike…

    take care

  3. i gotta learn to ride a bike!!!! all ur posts about bikes is driving me crazy! I WANT!!:P

  4. dimplez: well if the way I talk about bikes helps then you just made my day! As long as people are happy from the riding and enjoy the stories!

    Fonzy: hahahaha! Its very easy to learn! And I think it might be in you! You just got to find the biker in you!

  5. CD

    walla weddi, bas mishkila lazim albis formal 7g il dawam, shlon intaw 3adi? ;/

  6. What a nice bike! …as for vacation we got f***ed up since our holiday is 3 days only! Happy for you ya man!….i want a bike too!

  7. CD: Thursday is casual day, and Im an engineer not a financial guy.. so on thursday I wear jeans and a t-shirt!!

    MAZE: Thank you, damn 3 days! I took time off work, I took a no pay holiday, didnt have much of choice, but I know its going to be good! You should get a bike! I recommend it!

  8. DR: hahahaha! I have had a lot of people thinking that now! Just look for this bike, and Im usually pretty chill. Honk if you see! hehehe

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