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Sometimes when Im going somewhere for fu6oor Im late for one reason or another.. whatever it may be I always walk in fashionably late. I like going to my grandparents house, some people know what I mean when you walk in and see all your aunts, uncles, cousins, and babies running around. Its really interesting seeing all the kids growing up and your at a different stage in your life.

I love seeing all my cousins and extended family! You see people cracking jokes at one another, then Im trying to figure out who to talk to. I want to talk to a lot of different people. You know you have your favorite set of cousins, but you still love em all. You might not have enough time, but you still make the effort. Fu6oor is a session of statements flying across the table. After a long day of work, and not much sleep this is what I look forward to in Ramadan, I thought Ramadan will be easier when it comes to work, but I was totally wrong. It has been more work, but just that time spent with family makes it all good, even with evening commitments Im just happy for those 1 – 2 hours talking and laughing. Its nice catching up with different people, and its nice seeing people twice a week that you usually might see them once a year if you manage to catch them. I love that Ramadan unites people at the end of the day, and thats what I love about Ramadan in Kuwait.

Im trying to stuff my mouth while trying to taunt my cousin about something he was doing, while taking one of the kids and messing around with them. And its fun seeing the younger cousins coming up to you and looking up to you, asking you questions. I remember when I used to be that kid. Thats why I loved some of my cousins they were cool about lots of things, and kind to me when I was young. So now Im in their shoes, and Im close to my older cousins and try to help out my younger cousins in whatever they want. Even if they just want to talk! Its a cool thing.. its a good thing. I want to eat more, and I want to talk more.

At the end of the day its just a nice warm feeling that you cant substitute for anything. I hope every person knows this feeling!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. u TALK ALOT!! maybe that’s why they like u ;) looool *kidding*

  2. aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    heart felt! heart felt…
    warming post :)
    i loved it .. 3asa doooom dom dom dom yam3atkum
    i 100% understand what ur talking about
    specialy with younger cousins.

  3. yeah, I understand how good you feel at the end of the day….but do you feel that todays kids are more advanced and smarter than our times?

  4. yeah i know what ur talking about, only in lebanon, not here.. damn man, u got me homesick!! plus soon ur cousins wil be big enough to kick ur ass, so make sure u kick theirs now as much as possible!!

  5. Eeeeeeeeeeeeh WALLAAAAAAH !!!!!
    FAMILY GATHERING is a gift !! 3asa allah ekhaleeekum 7ag ba3ath o0 yejma3kum 3ala el khair wel ma7aba DOOOOOOM .. not only in RAMADHAN :D ..

  6. I totally agree with u! God bless ur family and cousins…man u made me feel homesick…i miss my familyyyyyyyy…..:( very touching post…

  7. Laialy: sorry it was spur of the moment!

    Yazeed: sorry man!

    Smartee: looool

    no3ik: inshalla kilmin e7is chithy! I cant write poems for this reason, I would be too frustrated trying to make this rhyme I just want to say it! hehehehe

    Cyber: its not they smarter its just that kids mature faster because they are exposed to more things.

    Fonzy: hahaha I kicked my cousins asses alot back in the day, but still love and fear me! hehehe

    Breeze: inshalla allah ekhaleekum 7ag ba3ath o doom mistanseen o mertaa7een! I wish it was a lot of times outside of Ramadan.

    MAZE: sorry it just came out! I hope you see your family soon!

  8. I know what you mean hehe however I don’t keep in touch with Mother’s family at all but I love my Dad’s side of the family and since I am the eldest grandchild and there are none others my age lol I like to sit and torment most of the kids lol hehe today it was Zeus’s turn to be tormented well it turned out he did that to me ;P Hehehe but still its amazing!

    Hope you always enjoy your days with family :D

  9. Jacqui: I hope you enjoy our family days too! Not feeling the other side of the family hmmmm. hehehe! Its just fun tormenting kids..

  10. i’m close to my mom’s side of the family. love them. a7la shay when approaching the door, i can already hear their loud voices.. then walking in, it’s a mad house! i never quite understood why everyone has to talk so loud at the same time.. but that’s what makes them special i guess.

    Allah Ekhaleekom 7ag ba3ath.

  11. MSB: there is always something that makes your family special to you! O alah ya7futhkum inshalla! :) You always have to one crazy one in the family.

  12. Yes i love loyat the weekly yam3a.
    Its funny how when i was a teenager i would think of excuses not to go, now if i miss a week i miss them all so much and i cant wait until i go the next time.

  13. DR: I know what you mean, its crazy and you gotta love it! Something has to happen, and somebody has to do something. Its just a great time overall and your just close with everyone!

  14. This is exactly what I miss. I miss having a family. Sucks to be mag6oo3a men eshyarah!
    Allah ye5aleelak halak! :)

    PS: Love your upbeat spirit mashalah!

  15. Hanan: inshalla you will be with them soon, or see them soon! :) mashkooora! :)

  16. Aww what a cute post ! Many forget how special it is to be close to your family. Allah y5aleekom leba3a’6 inshalla.
    Ya walla i know what your talking about..

    I havent had fu60or with my grandma and aunts and uncles for the past 6 years and now i realise how fun it is.. Ele y9are5 3ashan il.thany yesma3a 0o ele yesaket il.yahal 0o ele yabchee (kids). 9ij loya !!

    I love to go to my grandparents cuz the smile on their faces when they see us is just undescribable.

    7daa warm family feeling..

  17. Amoorah: alah ekhaleekum 7ag ba3ath! Its a fantastic feeling, and its all the loya, all that love, and fun put together! just bringing everyone together!

  18. So beautifully touching, mashallah! Can’t say I know of what you speak, as all my family is back home, and we have been on our own for decades now…but I have perhaps gotten a brief taste of this when I visit back home. Thanks for bringing back the good memories! May Allah continue to strenghten the bonds of your family.

  19. Digital Nomad: I hope you get this feeling more often! Its a good thing! Thank you very much! I hope you have a fantastic Eid!

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