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Review: Man About Town

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This was interesting movie, at first I just started playing it with the guys thinking that its a Ben Affleck movie and he has been making crap movies for the past five years. I thought that it wouldnt be that bad. So we just popped it in just as Kabab-Ji made their delivery. We started the movie and there is also a pretty interesting cast such as Rebbeca Romijn, Kal Penn, John Cleese, and Gina Gershon. This is one interesting combination of a cast! Affleck is the main character but his character wouldnt have come out as good as he did without these characters around him to give him depth. Its a very funny movie and an extremely meaningful movie. He has secrets he has to keep, and through a journal class he is taking for reasons unknown to others he documents the secret, and people get their hands on it. A huge mess arises from it, and through all this he is really going through an extreme case of self discovery you start to relate to the guy in one form or another. For once I didnt think that Ben Affleck was an idiot and the movie was pointless. It just shows you the teeth of show business in the bustling life of Hollywood. I really recommend this movie, and its really enjoyable. I have to say that Rebbeca Romijn is so hot especially in this movie, and Gina Gershon is so hot in that evil kind of way.
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