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Out & About

So I got off work yesterday and I didnt feel like heading home right away. I felt going for a nice ride, I took off from work knowing I just finished everything before things start flying at me. I got my gear on, I put Isla Bonita on my MP3 player and headed for the gulf road! I knew nobody would be on the road at 1:30pm on thursday when nobody went to work in the first place. It was great! I went all the way around until I noticed that I needed some gas, so when I went from Shuweikh all the way around the city to the first ring road to the first ring road, and I noticed I was running low on gas and I didnt know any place that close by with high octane gas so I went to Mansooriya to the small gas station there and filled up the Robo! It just felt good that everything was operating smoothly and the music was good, by this point I was listening to Will Smith – MIB one of my favorite songs.


These are my favorite pair of gloves from Alpinestar, I have one pair here and one pair in the states, So much protection and my movement isnt restricted at all! And I like punchin my friends while wearing them since the outer shell is made of strong carbon fiber! hehehehe!


Close up of Robo while I stopped at the Palms for a quick photo op. What a nice day! Roads were relatively empty and I was enjoying myself.



From there I head off down the gulf road towards the sixth ring road to head home. I got home and I my tshirt changed colors! hehehe! When its a bit hot, you sweat a bit! hehehe! I took a really nice shower and I found my nephew trying to push my door. Then I had to change his dipers and help out with that. Its not easy trying to keep him still! hehehe! And he wants to jump when Im holding him! hehehe! It was funny!

And today was a nice day to, I got on the bike and went for a quick shave and cut. 20 mins in and out! Shaved my head and fixed my goatee. I felt refreshed, and I went for a nice ride for a little while. And the greatest part is little kids waving at me when Im at a light or passing by! I do wave back! It was a nice ride!