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Details Changed


We were supposed to travel today, but a few details changed and we werent able to travel. Still no clue what exactly is going on, but thats the best part about the person who is not involved in organizing the trip! hehehe! Over the next couple of days we will be figuring out where exactly we will be going!

Other then that Im looking forward to rigding my bike while half the country has left, well except those working at a Bank hehehe. So hopefully no Banker will run me over! And I have a few other details to take care of! I know I have lost some weight from going to work so damn much, but I need to really lose some weight. I need to get a plan together, and not be lazy. When I go to the gym on the bike the funniest thing is leaving! Im so tired and exhausted from working out that Im practically laying down on the tank on the way back home! heheh! Gotta love my Robo!

Oh yeah, I love the Punisher, but Deadpool is so freaking cool as well!