Modeling Helmets


This is just a funny picture of my friend Hamdy in the states modeling a helmet I bought in september while I was there! Its a great helmet from Scorpion and the eyes thing weirds people out! Its the Scorpion Rivet in Silver! It looks better in real life because of the non-glossy look! I love it! And it was funny as hell that he was walking around in it all day long!

And yes thats my Seagate Hard Drive on the table.

Hamdy is my best motorcycle riding partner! We have been riding bikes together for the past 5 years! He knows how I ride, and I know how he rides! He is also one of my closest friends! Good times! Cant wait to go riding with him again!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. hehee aham shay the eye !

    5araa3atny awal ma sheft il.pic ba3dain i read the post..

    3afyaa 3al pose bSs..

  2. was he the one I spoke too?

    hamdy is the hot one right?


  3. Amoorah: hahaha! U should see how people react when he randomly pops out of bushs! hehehe

    ananyah: looool! yeah he is the one you spoke to!

  4. DiiGMaa: hehehe! Thats why we kept it on for a few days! hehehe

  5. Hahaha….awesome helmet….and I love how your buddy walked around all day with it on. lol.

    I’ll be looking out on the Gulf Road for a dude with a freaky helmet. I’ll know it’s you!

  6. Toxy: it was funny for the day! This was in the states! hehehe!

  7. It certainly is a strange looking helmet!

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