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Name Confusion

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Ok this is just funny! I usually dont mix up names, and I try to remember everyone’s name. But we have two secretaries who sit next to each other in the admin building. They take care of a lot of paper work. And they deal with things that I used to get in contact with them for. At first somebody told me one of them was name Kawthar, and the other Manal. It turned out it was the other way around, but I didnt find out until 2 weeks later. I was so confident about it, and after that I was laughing at myself!

Now sometimes I mix up their names and cant help it. Manal keeps giving me looks, but i just cant help laughing about it. The other problem is that both of them wear exactly the same thing. A black dress from head to toe with a black hijab, and both of them do that. So you see them wearing the samething day in and day out, never any color what so ever. So since I used to mix up their names based on somebody incorrect knowledge, and since they wear the same thing I cant help mix it up!

I know everybody else’s name down to the T! Even I know the gate keeper well! This is just funny sometimes!