Robo Upgrades

Blue High Performance AirFilter

This Airfilter will help the bike breath better and get a bit more air into the engine and its made of high grade material. It only needs to be serviced every 32’000KMs. This Blue airfilter is made for high performance and durability. So I hoping it will help the bike breath better.

Adjustable Lever Set

The one thing I dont like about most bikes is the levers. The levers on the K1200R is too big in my opinion, some people my feel differently. These levers are shorter with adjustable distance from your fingers. If you use two or three fingers for shifting or breaking then you wont be crushing your pinky or other fingers because of the way this lever is shaped. So I think this is an extremely needed upgrade!


Oil Cooler Screen

This screen protects the oil cooler from debris, once debris gets into the oil cooler its hell to get out. And in Kuwait there is alot of debris. So this will just keep the dirt out and the bike will still be able to cool down quickly.

Rizoma Paralever Strut

This strut is lighter and just as strong as the standard strut. And it looks really cool since the whole bottom of the bike is powder coated black this will help emmensely since it breaks all the black with a little silver.

Adjustable Rearset Pegs

These are high performance rear sets with a lot of room for adjustments that way you can adjust your riding position on the bike to be more sporty or more relaxed. I dont have a problem with the rear sets right now, but I would like the option to adjust it and these bad boys fit the bill.

Throttle Lock

These are direct replacements for the right and left bar end weights, included in this system is a cruise control system to help you lock the throttle when your just cruising long distances and sometimes I need that when the road is extremely empty, and it can be disengadged very easily.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    Wishing you many hours of happiness with Robo. Such an expert biker you are!

  2. DiiGMaa: I know! I love customizing! hehehe! And Some these upgrades are really useful

    jewaira: I am no expert what so ever! I still have a lot to learn and I want to learn! Cant wait to learn more! hehehehe! And thank you! Im happy as hell when riding!

  3. i hate robo….you want to shoot me for sure….yeah?..hehehhe!


    he’s cute now!

  4. i have no idea what all this stuff is but interesting to know. mabrook on the upgrades!

  5. Cyber: your walking a thin line there! hehehehe! And he aint Cute! Hes tough as nails!

    Fonzy: I havent gotten them yet! I want to! hehehe! These things makes riding the bike more comfortable and perform better!

  6. man…i am changing my views….he looks like a muscle man! hahahahha!

  7. 3alaik ib alf 3afya.. drive safe and happy riding :)

  8. DiiGMaa: alah e3aafeech! Mashkoora! I havent bought these items yet but they are on my list of things to get! hehe!

  9. Eddy

    girls or bikes??? choose 1…

  10. Eddy: Bikes hands down! They are loyal to you, to the core!

  11. moocherx

    and they rarely complain when you sit on them.

  12. ROBO is my love…hehe…:) by the way were u on gulf road around 2:15 in the morning …waiting for the traffic light..

  13. moocherx: hahahaha.. so true!

    MAZE: lol! no I dont ride that late! My family would freak out!

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