Eid Mubarak


3eedkum Embaarak! I hope everyone has an enjoyable eid. Its going to be interesting to see, since its going to be the first eid I have had in Kuwait for a long time. I used to just call up everyone, but now I have to go from house to house! Gonna try finishing it up the first day. No plans to be doing anything at this point, I might be going to my cousins place a lot and catching up on a lot of tv with him.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. moocherx


  2. Eddy

    eid mubarak to robo and marzouk.. :)

  3. moocherx: thanks!

    Eddy: hehehe Thanks! Im planning to add to the little family! hehehe

  4. 3asak min il 3aydeen wil fayzeen :)

    Where is that picture from?

  5. 1001: 3eedich embaarak! Shalaih bil zoor around 3 am .. a few weeks ago! hehehe

  6. jewaira

    Happy Eid to you

    I love that picture. So beautiful.

    Have a wonderful holiday and go easy on the 3ayadi

  7. extinct dodo

    3eedik mbarak oo ayamik sa3eeda inshallah zouq :)

  8. extinct dodo

    3eedik mbarak oo ayamik sa3eeda inshallah zouq :)

  9. Eid mubarak man. wish u and the family all the best during this special holiday and beyond. God Bless

  10. Eid mubarak ya man to you and ur family….but u didn’t call me?…..:P

  11. 3eedkom imbarak.. 3asakom min 3owaddeh…. 3eedkom imbarak… 3asakom min 3owaddeh… 3eedkom im.. (waiting for my 3eedeyah!)

  12. Cyber: Thank you! Going to be nice doing nothing for a couple of days!

    Laialy: Ayamich Sa3eedah! :)

    jewaira: I will go broke handing out 3ayadi! Im happy you like the picture!

    extinct: inshalla intaw min el 3aydeen wil fayzeen!

    Fonzy: Thank you! Ayamik Sa3eed! Inshalla you have a great break too!

    MAZE: Thanks! MTC cut my phone! hahahaha! Just kidding I would kill them if they do that!

    MSB:loooool! Im going be handing out a lot of cash today! hehehe! Any kid straight away gets cash! hehe

    Yazeed: Ayamik Sa3eedah!

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