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Looking Evil in the Face


These are just two evil looking bikes! I love the way they look! On the right is the blood red 05 Yamaha R1, and on the left is the bright red 06 Daytona 675. Usually its me and hamdy riding either bike in the hills. Sometimes I go out on the R1, and Hamdy is on the Daytona. And sometimes we switch, its just a matter of what the other guy is feeling that day. The R1 is a monster on the highways, and the Daytona handles amazingly! I love both bikes, and both are quite different. And the best is riding with someone who knows his limits and has good riding istincts! I have a lot of riding pictures I need to put up! You can click the picture to take a closer look at evil! I think they are evil because these bikes bring out the evil side of a person!!