Review: Red Jericho


Now this book was an interesting read, at first its starts off with the MacKenzie’s in Shanghai. Their parents went missing on a mission in asia, and they have been bouncing around from family member to family member. Doug and Becca are a handful until they land in their uncle’s ship in south east asia. This story is all based in the 1920s with secrets in the shadows, and people looking for something. This story was a bit weird in the beginning but there is so much scientific knowledge and history intertwined with this story its amazing. They have to meet pirates, secret guilds, break rules, and follow their insticnts to help them get closer to their parents. This is the first volume of a trilogy, and I have to say I cant wait for the other three! Its torture when you want to know whats happening and cant get it! But such a colorful story, and you feel like your in the jungles of asia in the 1920s with your biege jungle attire. This book was so good that I really am not sure if its a fiction or non-fiction at this point.

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Rating: r4.51.bmp

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira: it was momre like an adventure book! I really enjoyed it, cant wait to get the rest of the trilogy!

  2. could you tell me what the book is about in one jomlah :p

  3. i hate reading books. i wish i could enjoy a book but never seem to be able to get past page 1. movies are easier:)

  4. Laialy: Two kids looking for their parents in Asia, who end up finding secrets of a guild and new technology with their uncle, and all this while fighting an unknown enemy! there you go! heheheh

  5. intixpatr: Joshua Mowll! Im getting his other book at this point!

    Fonzy: You cant imagine how good a book can be once it pulls you in! hopefully one day you find one that gets your attention!

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